Honey Badgers? In NBA Jam? It's More Likely Than You Think

With the NBA lockout looking like it will wipe out a lot of games this year, some basketball video game makers are looking outside the league's real-life rosters to create enthusiasm and interest. NBA 2K12 for example, is bringing 15 of the sport's greatest players to life. NBA Jam's going with goddamn honey badgers.

The hell? Ah ... alright? OK, honey badgers. Considering recent events in the UK, this is either the most unfortunate or most fortunate timing in the world for EA Sports. Nature's dirtiest fighters will send a team of three to the court in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, a $US15 downloadable title coming for PSN and Xbox Live on October 4.

I expect all three to have a 10 rating in steals, considering how honey badgers are notorious for going for the balls.


    But... One of those is a regular badger! Not a honey badger! Which is a completely different animal!

    This is why you need to STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS!

    .... No one else cares, do they?

    There is going to need to be something pretty big coming through soon to top that as the greatest thing I have seen this week - I heart NBA Jam

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