House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Given New Rating

House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut has received a rating of MA15+ after SEGA appealed its original rating of Refused Classification (RC), which effectively meant the game had been banned.

Kotaku reported back in August that the game was banned for its high-impact violence. SEGA appealed The Board's decision, was successful, and the game will now release on October 27 with an MA15+ rating without any changes made to it.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce the success of our appeal," managing director of Sega Australia, Darren Macbeth, said.

"We are proud to confirm that the game will be released in Australia in its original entirety, with no content altered or removed in any way. We were confident of successfully appealing the Board's original decision to refuse classification and appreciate that the Classification Review Board has made a decision that complies with the current guidelines and framework."

House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut will be released on October 27 for the PS3.

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    Can't f*** with the system!

    ...because the system is already f***ed

    ....Hey i might go listen to some System of a Down...


      also, it is always concenring, to me, when someone starts a sentence with "It is with great pleasure..."


    Sega really is lucky when it comes to appealing these decisions, both Aliens vs Predators and this.

    Man other companies must be hating Sega right now. . .

    It never should have been banned in the first place! see how happy the middle zombie is to be a zombie?

    I never liked these successful appeals. It's like, "Our game is not suitable for people under 18, let us sell the game to people under 18!".
    The new R rating can't come soon enough.

      indeed. Seems like adults can't play an adult game cause its too ADULT so now 15 year olds can play an ADULT game as well.

      When is that R18 coming?

    maybe the appeal was the kind that is handed over in a briefcase in the shadows.....

    Yay, now the 15 year olds can play a game meant for 18+


      Well since there is still no R rating in Australia or even a firm date on when it will be here what exactly did you expect Sega to do?

        Not blaming Sega mate, just pointing out how ridiculous our system is.

        Trying to protect younger gamers from these games, when its actually helping them play the games that theyre trying to be protected from.

          When I was a kid, I didn't need a rating system. I had my mother actively being a parent and she made it clear that games like Wolfenstein were not allowed and it wasn't until I was past 15 she relaxed the rule.

          Least we forget that the rating system is meant to be a means of informing consumers - it is not to act as a nanny.

      They're just zombies. The game was MA15+ on the Wii, and 15 year olds were fine. This is just a HD update lol.

      Don't be an uninformed troll!

        Jake, go look again. Like many other games the Wii version was rated MA15+ when many other places rated it R18+.

        And having played part of the game myself, I can safely say it should have been rated R18.

          I don't know about this - but I've seen footage the other day of Rise of Nightmares - another Sega game - and how that gets an MA15 (yet Mortal Kombat cops an RC) is completely beyond me - there were some cutscenes from that game that are seriously f-----d up.

        Have you played the game? There's some nasty stuff in there, not just zombies. It's all humourous, but quite nasty nonetheless.

    I loved this game on the Wii, but I'm still not shelling out money for a Move. I'm not stupid.

    The initial refusal was for new content in the HD port.

    The old parts of the game were fine (wii version), but the new game mode is what got them in trouble...

    don't know what that mode is called though

    Should be R18, it really bugs me that to play this most likely sub-par sega entry we have to slide it into MA15+.

    what i don't understand is house of the dead was originally on aracde machines and there was no cry about the violence. certainly no censor refusing to allow it.

      what the....

      There was a cry about it!
      It was the game with the curtain around it!

    Anyone else wonder if they've taken to rolling dice to see what rating games get now?

    House wins!

    Why didn't MK9 get reclassified? Of anyone on the planet, Warner Bros. would have lots of money to bribe with.

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