How Not To Make Fun Of Nintendo Fanboys

See, his attractive girlfriend thinks he's a regular guy, but when she leaves the apartment we find out he's really a closet Nintendo fan, which is horrible, right?

As a gaming comedy video, "The Closet Nintendo Freak" fails on several different levels. For instance, the notion that in this day and age a video game fan has to keep his collection a secret in order to maintain a healthy relationship with a good-looking woman. It's not difficult to find a woman that shares (or at least tolerates) your gaming habit these days, and hell, Nintendo fangirls tend to be the cutest of the lot, and if you play your AR cards right they might even dress up like Princess Peach.

Then there's the collection itself. It's rather impressive, and the secret wall revealing the shrine only makes it more impressive still. There's not one gamer out there that would pass up the chance to have a collection room with a secret entrance.

And dammit, learn to play the flute.

In the end, I'd like to think that if the mother of my children came into the house to find me naked with a Nintendo console she'd join in, and I say this knowing full well she doesn't read my work very often and won't see this.

The Closet Nintendo Freak [YouTube]


    This is a terrible way to start the day I'm so angry!!

    MIKE! You are in SO MUCH TROUBLE!

    You are CUT OFF mister!

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