How Silicon Knights Guided X-Men's Destiny

In this behind the scenes video for X-Men Destiny, Denis Dyack and the team at Silicon Knights explain how they went about crafting a new chapter in the tale of Marvel's mighty mutants.

There's a trick to crafting a tale of super-powered comic book characters. On the one hand, you have to capture the breathtaking supernatural action of these new mutants, demonstrating just how far beyond humanity they've progressed. On the other, you've still got to connect with the audience, displaying the human side of the conflict as well.

So you want the game to be human, but not Too Human, because then it would have ridiculously long death sequences and sell under a million copies. Also, it would be Thor.

X-Men Destiny hits stores on September 27.


    I look forward to the reviews as everything about this title, right down to the horrendous box art just screams worst game of 2011.

    @MrBS - HUH?

    This looks Amazesome!!
    Silicon Knights is a fantastic developer and they have never faulted me, yes even too human was decent.... just didn't sell well.

    Agreed with James.

    Honestly, I liked Too Human. I think a lot of the critical backlash was really just disdain for Dennis Dyack being "arrogant" or something, so they decided to bash "his" game.

    As for X-Men Destiny, I'm interested, but I'm more concerned about the writing and characterizations. If those elements suck, then I probably won't get the game.

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