How The New Ratchet & Clank Will Play If You Have No Friends

Ideally, you'll play next month's PlayStation 3 exclusive Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One with three other people, online or offline. That's what it was made for. But in case you can't — in case you refuse — you can solo it. This new trailer shows what that looks like.

As you play solo, controlling Ratchet, Clank, Dr Nefarious or Qwark, you get a computer-controlled buddy to simulate the co-op experience. Faithful Kotaku readers knew that already. We knew Clank would be that buddy for three of these heroes. We just didn't know who Clank's assistant would be. Thanks to this trailer, now we do.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One — A Party of One [PlayStation Blog]


    I've played every ratchet and clank game except the first PSP one, and loved em all. Cept for the first ps3 one and the psp one I did play.....

    This looks blehhh..... I love the series, but the gameplay looks garbage. And I want to play solo, so it'd feel like a hollow experience.

      Im with you. I'v been playing ratchet and clank for years and loved every one.

      Not even gonna buy this one..

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