How To Get To Work, With The Laws Of Video Games In Effect

Readers, please don't try this at home. Let seasoned professionals like YouTube superstar Freddie Wong illustrate the proper way to commute to ones workplace in a bizarre, video game-inspired reality.

Using life lessons learned from Frogger, Grand Theft Auto and countless video games in which normal traffic laws simply do not apply, Mr Wong commutes in the most fashionable and death defying way possible — even apparently stealing a car from a nearby strip club.

Gamer Commute [YouTube]


    That's not how you get to work! I simply load up the world map and click on my work place.

    Though getting map markers to coffee shops and game stores can be pain at times.

    I just insert the disc into my arse and squeeze tightly:)

    Freddie Wong and FPS Russia are my two favorite youtube channels.

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