How You'll 'Connect' To Others In Call Of Duty Elite

Activision's social network and stat-tracking service for the Call of Duty enthusiast, Call of Duty Elite, may become your preferred way to meet and play against your fellow first-person shooter fans. It does a whole lot more, but let's take a look at what Elite's Connect feature suite is all about.

Connect is where Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players will join Groups, start up Clans and delve into the games' theatre modes. It's where Beachhead Studios head Chacko Sonny believes Elite's most useful, most compelling features may lie. There's more in the "behind the scenes" video, if you're interested in what Elite may bring to Call of Duty.

For more on the premium features of Elite, the kind you may feel like paying for, read our pre-Call of Duty XP preview of what's coming to the paid side of Activision's soon-to-launch service.


    "Call of Duty Elite is a new online servicing platform that represents the future of connected game play for call of duty console games..."
    Sooooo does the PC version of MW3 do this already or are PC CoD players left out in the cold (or still exist)?

      The Elite beta isn't currently for PC but in the future you'll be able to link your Steam account to Elite.

      And to answer your other question, Black Ops and MW2 are still in the top 10 most frequently played Steam games.

    i dont think they realise that this is making people not even interested in picking up a copy of the game, because all they are doing is sucking the money away from consumers. i know its not compulsory but its also a bitch move. im glad i am too old to deal with ignorant, racist pre-teens so i wont be getting this game anyway.

    I'm not that "excited" for the Elite thing, but the frames per second on the game looks nice.

    So Call of Duty Elite is I get this for free but then I have to rent DLC with a yearly subscription of $50?

    Hmm... I'll pass thank you. MW3 just looks boring and bland and it looks like the same thing I played back in 2007. Can't they come up with something more exciting for once?

      The DLC stays even if you cancel your subscription to the premium service.

        Just because the US pay $50 does not mean Aus will, it will be more like $80 or more in Aus especially since the Aus $ is worth more.

          Which makes no sense at all seeing as it is a digital product with no shipping costs.

            I know but this is activision and Aus game sales were talking about.

            And yet activision reckons MW3 is 99USD on steam for us aussies >___>

    Guy at 0:43 - seriously, get a PC...

    sick of infinity wards money grab tactics. they can get stuffed. BF3 will take over the cod scene.

    COD went all downhill after MW2.

    Does Elite spell the end of console based exclusive content? Wouldn't really make any sense if an Xbox subscriber got content earlier than other platform subscriber, despite everyone paying upfront.

    Honestly tired of the bullshit stunts they pull to get more money.
    I strongly urge all of you to ignore this service, don't buy map packs and tell everyone you know to do likewise.
    They need their asses brought down a level cause it's just beyond a joke now.

    What's the big deal - as it is, everyone pays more than $50 a year for the DLC for each game...

      Thats $50 US that does not mean Australia wont pay more even when the AUS $ is worth more.

    MW3 standard edition Aus rrp $119.95 the US $59.99. mw3 hardened edition Aus $159.95 the US $99.99. And its even less again on top of that if you take into account the higher Aus $.

      Sadly the AU market lets publishers get away with overcharging (AUD makes gains but local costs remain the same). At least if you pick up the hardened edition you're only paying $40 for the years elite subscription as opposed to whatever Acti will charge if you picked it up on the fly.

        More like $70 AUD since the standard will be around $89 at launch from most places like jb hi fi.


    Selling advertising space on their website?

    I would consider paying more for a feature that joined PC, Xbox and PS3 users in multiplayer. My mates all play different consoles and it's all IP traffic, join it up!!! Then we see who the real hardcore gamers are! Set up matches based on PC/ Console and let the frag begin!

    The more I look into it the more I think I'll pass. I'm over the whole lets shear are stats and see who the better player is crap. Just let gaming be gaming.

    Black Ops was pretty lame, I think migrating over to BF3 is what the future holds. I don’t play games to get gouged on a yearly subscription bases and I'm just not that competitive to bother with these sorts of costs. I just can’t support it (even thought its not mandatory). Next time it will be requirement and this is the first step.

    Fuck you activision, Fuck you. I will not buy your piece of shit repackaged mw2, bf3 for the win.

    I started playing (cod 1 anyone remember that lol) when it came out I gave up after cod 4 I still think cod 1 was the best in the series

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