I Am A Space Marine - Here Are The Entries

For a while we thought that no one was going to enter our Space Marine competition. Then, hours before the competition closed, we received a wave of some of the most amazing entries we've ever seen in any competition run on Kotaku. Here are a few entries that missed out on the top prize, but we thought they were still awesome enough that they had to be shared.

The image above is the chainsword submitted by Palstran. Kudos to him for thinking outside the square and turning a household chair into a very dangerous thing. We hope no one sat on it afterwards, Palstran. (Although if someone did, please tell us about it.)

Next up we have Lambomann, who showed us a few practical uses for his chainsword. Someone should tell him that he has shown us three things that can be done with a chainsword, not 101.

Adam G made a chainsword that looks like it could really hurt us. Danny and I were scratching our heads as to what this thing is actually made of. We still don't know.

Adam M (we actually received quite a few entries from different Adams...) sent in the kind of chainsword that you could probably use to use to hit someone with. If I'm not mistaken, it IS a cushioned chainsword, right? The blue bits looks kind of soft. Because if it isn't then I retract everything I've just said.

BatGuy went down a different path and made this sword of awesome. Those poor Pikachu, they don't stand a chance. :(

Lambomann's brother also submitted an entry! This looks like a food of some sort, but again we can't actually tell if it's cake or biscuit or shortbread or crumbs. Also, we don't actually know Lambomann's brother's name, so we'll just keep on referring to him as Lambomann's brother until someone corrects us.

Lobo's chainsword comes with a motor thing! That is pretty neat.

We almost want to give Lukas a prize just for his sheer enthusiasm in this photo. Man, we wish we could jump that high.

Luke S, I can only assume you either have the most amazing collection of nerdy items in your house or you took this chainsword out to a shop. In either case, kudos to you!

Morgan's entry made us lol the hardest — forks in a chainsword — genius! Speaking of which, we were wondering where all our forks went...

Neon Jackal created a Wii peripheral we've never seen before. You should get that patented, dude. Nintendo are gonna read this post and get even richer off your ideas!

Sylok and Epherius worked together on this awesome sword that comes complete with a motor and wiring so that the chain actually moves. They assure us it worked during testing and then borked when it came to filming.

And the last of our finalists who just missed out is The Cracks! That. Thing. Is. Huge. (Pre-emptive "That's what she said" joke.)

Thank you for your entries, everyone! At 4pm today we'll be posting our top seven entries — six will receive a runners-up prize that we just secured from THQ (literally this morning!), and one will win the ultimate prize: the THQ Space Marine chainsword. Check back then!


    Thus why I did not enter: even those that did not make the cut are far better than I would have done.

    Nice job, guys and gals. Really creative entries.

    Bugger. 3 generations of handheld games plus Sega's patented lock-on technology wasn't enough to win this one for me. Good stuff everyone, looking forward to the winners!

      I love your one, great selection of Mega Drive games too. Wish I still have Aladdin :/

        Some of the rest are visible here. Did you know that a DS cartridge is exactly the same depth as the groove on the side of a mega drive cartridge? It's almost like they were designed to alot together to form a chainsword!

          *slot together. Not alot.

            Ok that's weird, I literally only *just* finished reading that thing after being linked by someone else.

      I vote for bat guy simply because of the FAI shirt.

        It's actually a Manly jersey. Depending on which part of Australia you come from, that probably makes you glad that I didn't win.

      That sword is so awesome. I wish more peoples collections could be summoned in sword form.

    ahaha, Lambomann’s brother is totally Muscles Glasses Jnr. Though it needs more bacon strips

    If I had the time and resources I would have made a gunchainsword. So that everytime you strike someone it saws them and shoots them at the same time.

    These are awesome. I now feel bad that none of them are going to be getting prizes after they put in so much effort.

    I guess they do still have their homemade chainswords though. That's something at least.

    Wow there were a lot of entries hey?

    As far as I can tell, Adam G's chainsword looks like it was made from a fluorescent light or something.

    Yeah, I tried really hard to get a prize for ALL the entrants but THQ were limited in what they could offer. The best I could secure was 6 runners-up prizes plus the chainsword.

    My mind is still exploding over how awesome all the entries are. Next post with the winners + ultimate winner goes up in around 2 hours! Hold onto your butts!

      Hi Tracey,

      I sent my entry in at 11:45 on Sunday night...I noticed its not up.

      I am wondering if it didn't come through?

        Wait sorry...I didn't read property..

        My bad! XD

        Sent you an email!


          I replied :)

            My work email is *really* hating me today. can you send that email to tracey.lien at gmail dot com? Sorry about this, I don't know what's wrong with my inbox.

    great work guys, these are all awesome.

    so does that mean loops is still in with a chance????? awesome

      Loops just took a picture of himself holding a rolling pin that he had written "Chainsword" on. Tracey just didn't have the heart to refuse him entry into the finalists

      Loved the batguy entry and would like to see another shot of Adam M's in action

      *and good luck loops*

        I've got a few more shots on my phone of mine (i'm "adam m") but unfortunately, they just highlight either how dirty the mirror is, or how messy my bedroom was at the time :D

        i do however have one of the chainsword standing against the wall that i can link if you like?

          Don't worry about the mess, just claim it was neat and tidy until you went on a chainsword rampage.
          But yes, linky please




        Oh man that seriously made me laugh out loud - mainly because it sounds like something i'd do!

    Nice work everyone, there are some really awesome entries there :D
    Also, my entry was meant to look like the cover of a book, but I wasn't able to really do that, what with me being sick and throwing up and all...(not that I'm trying to make excuses ;))
    Also, yes that is a cake, and you can call my bro little lambo for now (I doubt he'd appreciate that though) :P

      He can be lamboboyy007. This way everyone thinks you're old by comparison too.

      loved the demencia reference!

        Lol, thanks :D
        BTW what's demencia? Isn't that where you forget stuff? :P

      As in "Mary had a little lambo?"

      How could anyone with a chainsword hate that?

    Holy crap! I'm not there! Oh my god I'm going to faint! Someone hold my hand!

    But I had QUAD DAMAGE!!!!!!! That is 4X the amount of damage.


      I thought it was awesome :)

        Well I guess that makes me feel a bit better. I did get on the front page which gave me a split second glimer of a thought that I may have won. Then reality came back.

    heh, i'm "Adam M" and no Tracey, it wasn't soft at all, I ransacked my local Woolworths, so the whole thing is layered cardboard from many, many cereal boxes :D

    and the photo kind of sucked, you can't see that the hilt was painted gold, and the plastic knives i used for the blades kept falling out, which is why some are crooked :P

      Oh! I thought it was made from one of those mats that people do yoga on, lol.

    My fave is the Wii peripheral, but there are so many winning not-winners there! :)

    Hey Tracey I think their could be a flaw in the comp design.
    Do you think it was a good idea to tell people to build very deadly weapons of mass destruction, and then tell them they didn't win while those weapons are still in their possession?

    Lucky for some that my wife made me put the chair and knives back where they belong.


      Ditto - mine was deconstructed and put away that night because apparently *somebody* shouldn't leave piles of empty game cases lying on the lounge room floor.

      I'm just a misunderstood artist!

        heh, mine's just sitting in the garage.

      Oh man.

        But then again you will have seven staunch defenders with even better weapons to defend you. So I think you will be ok, because if videogames have taught me anything its that the Cool people with the better equipment will be able to beat any foe no matter the odds. It's physics.

    Damn, now I wish I didn't get lazy and did make my idea. Totally would've been a standout :P Ah well, probably better to leave it to guys who'd actually heard of the game before the comp came up. Nice work.

    Lukas' chainsword looks like a chainsword orkish skulls withstanding!

    Mine would've been bigger but I ran out of Pepsi boxes and tape.

    Also, Mine had a sheath http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f266/Wakazashin/102_0451.jpg

    Brilliant stuff by all involved there.

    Nerds are awesome.

    Haha. Damn, didn't win. I got all excited for a while there. Good luck to the finalists.

    This was an awesome comp. I'm totally keeping my sword because I was happy with the way it turned out. Especially as I put it together in a couple of afternoons.

    Luke S here, glad that i got into the runners up, my girlfriend and I put a bit of work into it and were happy we were featured. Also yes, that is my house, you should see my other stuff :D

    Were you laughing with me or at me?

    If it's at me, I think I deserve a consolation prize for hurt feelings...

    If it's with me, can I have a consolation prize anyway? You know, for making you laugh :D

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