Competition Reminder: Win A Space Marine Chain Sword!

A quick reminder that you can still be in with a chance to win a life-size Space Marine chainsword. All you have to do is enter our competition!

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is out now, and while I'll be living out my Space Marine fantasies in the game and not in real life (my baby guinea pig-sized biceps don't allow me to lift heavy things), this doesn't mean you should limit yourself as I do. In fact, if your muscles aren't baby guinea pigs in size, I recommend that you try to win this life-sized Space Marine chainsword.

UPDATE: Due to community demand I've extended the competition period the 25 September 2011. Entries are now due at midnight on Sunday 25 September. Also, if you click on the image above it will take you to a higher quality version of the photo so that you can see the chainsword in detail. Good luck!

THQ has kindly given us this life-size chainsword replica valued at $AU4,500. That is a very expensive chainsword. It is also a very heavy chainsword. Man, what the hell am I going to do with it? Not a whole lot, that's for sure. Which is why THQ have specifically stated that this chainsword is not for me but for a lucky member of the Kotaku community.

For your chance to win and be a real-life Space Marine, here's what you have to do:

We want you to build your own chainsword using household items. Get creative — come up with your own design and make it happen! Mix some newspaper with flour and water to make some papier-mâché! Tape some household appliances together and incorporate some foil! Go above and beyond and see what you can come up with!

Entry Requirements: - Your entry must be submitted as a photograph, preferably of you with your home-made chainsword. - You are not allowed to hurt yourself or others in the process of making your chainsword. - Your chainsword must feature the Kotaku logo on it somewhere. - Send your entries here with "I AM A SPACE MARINE" as the subject line. - Competition closes on Sunday 25 September at midnight. A Winner will be announced the following week.


    Lance Henriksen - Whatever the fuck he wants to be!

    Think I need to get shitfaced and watch Hard Target tonight.

      OMG someone else likes that movie too!! I remember when a time when this awesome movie was on TV frequently for some random reason. Couldnt find the DVD here so had to get it via ebay. BEST. PURCHASE. EVAR.

    Loops and the Cracks will be all over this shizz.

      Damn straight!

        It's you an me, buddy.

          I'm building mine this weekend, have you guys made any progress?

            Started putting it together today and made great progress! I so hope they publish photos of all the entries because I really want to see what you guys end up making :)

    Brb acquiring sporks.



    Sweeet holy crap i am going to have to come up with something serious to win this... something SERIOUS!!!

    Oh god.. i'm hyperventilating....

      Well... if you lose, I could make you one just as good out of oak and basswood, the same size for $150. Or,a custom design

        So you should have no problem winning this thing then right? If it's so easy to custom build :P

      I was going to enter, but at this point even in the unlikely event I won, I'd probably just tell Tracy/Mark to give it to one of your guys anyway. :P

      I was thinking of entering but after reading this I decided not to.

    I thought Lance Heriksen was dead

      Nope. Only his career's dead.

        He does voice-acting now. An extremely lucrative business to be involved in. Just look at Mark Hamill.

    Shame it is only 10 days till the comp closes. But I might give it a whirl.

    "I am a Chartered Accountant. Download the demo now."

    Awesome!!!!!!! CHAINSWORD!!!!!!

    Ideas need Ideas.....

    Why?... Why? Why do I have to be stuck living with human parents that would stop me from doing this?! I want this so much :'(

      Do they go to bed early? You could work on it while they're asleep.

        They don't, sadly. Ah well, I'll just root for Loops to win this since he's a bigger fan than I am

          But how would they be stopping you from piecing something together?

          See, this is why gamers go crazy and kill their parents..

          I kid, i kid!

            They got a machine for a son, you think they'd simply let me build something? They're under the constant impression that my next creation will destroy millions. I'm not trying to do that... this time!

    Not gonna be around to be able to join the comp.. FML.

    Good luck someone, you better make a damn good chainsword!

    This is badass.
    I might step back though and let Loops go crazy on this one. With all the Space Marine hype building he's done here he deserves it :)

      haha enter mate, you should :)

      Besides, if i don't manage to come up with the goods between work and uni i'd like to see someone else who is excited about space marine get it, which is any number of a bunch of you guys :)

      PLUS i want to see a bunch of bad-ass chainswords! :D

    I have an idea, but I'm not sure if I have the time to pull it off in the next 10 days.

    BEST Idea!

    Step 1. Buy chainsword for AU$4500
    Step 2. Take pictures of self holding chainsword to win competition
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. PROFIT


        man that price cant be right...wait its games workshop approved isnt it? ok that explains the moronic price then.
        I mean i have the offical Frostmorne Sword and that was only 350USD...the postage and handlig was 600 USD (you read that correctly, the P&H was more than the sword) and that was back in 2008

          I make full sized weapon/shield reproductions from high quality wood, just as good as what they sell and for less money.
          I have a full sized Inquisition chainsword and Khorne chain axe on ebay if you would care to look. Thanks !

    Thats sweet!!! Now if only i wasn't so dam lazy!

    Kinda off topic, but I got a glimpse of one of the Replica Lancers today, and those things are also huge! I was expecting them to be tiny little things lol

    Also, no hurting yourself making it? No fair, I can't help that it happens all the time!

    Hmm, there was no stipulation that entries have to be GOOD, I might stand a chance at this one!

    Okay okay, I'll give you guys more time with the entries. Let me have a chat to THQ tomorrow went everyone is back at work and I'll see if we can get two weeks! Will two weeks be enough?

    If you have some space marines lying around the house and they have chainswords does that count. Or if you had enough to make the teeth of your chainsword a whole lot of little chainswords that cut you while you were being cut.

    Hey Tracey, would it be possible to get some HQ pictures of the winnable Chainsword for inspiration?

      Will update this post tomorrow morning with a link to a higher-res image. :)

    I've been a warhammer fan since the the early 90's and know the lore back to front I WANT THAT SWORD!

    I still have not received my prize from the dead rising competition last September... sloppy kotaku.

      Can you send Mark an email when he gets back? I don't about the organisation of comps from before my time, so it's best to get in contact with him. He'll be back Sept 28 if if you still haven't received your prize by then, drop him a line. :)

      Hey Cole, there were problems in regards to the minor prizes in the competition, and because Mark was fairly new at that point I think a lot of his stuff got lost. So yeah, do what the actual editor says!

    I saw this on the 2nd day of PAX before the expo halls opened: Onlive was doing a pre-show comp and they were showing the chainsword off...very cool.

    wwhat is with the shit, over dubbed gunshot at 21 - 23 seconds?

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