If The Original Deus Ex Had Been More Like Human Revolution…

If The Original Deus Ex Had Been More Like Human Revolution…
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If you think the kind of people who say “games were better in the good old days” are bad, they’re even worse when they’re talking about PC games. Except, on rare occasions like this, they actually make a decent gag out of it.

This clip blends the original Deus Ex, which is 11 years old, with the sensibilities (and corporate realities) of its more recent prequel Human Revolution.

The point is made a little too bluntly in parts, but on the whole, funny stuff.


  • I might have agreed if I hadn’t gotten the augmented edition. 😛

    You’re not missing out much. The DLC mission is literally contained within one small building (probably the size of one of the Singapore level buildings).

    Although, the grenade launcher DLC is stupidly powerful. Makes the 3rd boss fight possible in <5 seconds.

  • This reminded me of my reaction to the quests in Dragon Age that one become available with DLC.

    ‘Hi, I need your help, are you interested?’

    ‘Yeah sure, what’s up?’

    ‘Go to the website and I’ll tell you more…’


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