If The Sims Social Applied To Real Life

You may know Tim Rogers as the guy who occasionally writes really long (but insightful!) columns for Kotaku. Or perhaps you've seen his glittery pink review site, Action Button. You may have even played a game he has developed! Recently, Tim began playing the The Sims Social, and now we have what might be one of the most fascinating deconstructions of a social game we've ever come across.

The above video is an accompaniment to Tim's review. As someone who also plays The Sims Social on a regular basis, I find the accuracy of this video creepy.

As an aside, my Sim tried to hit on Tim's Sim and he rejected me (pictured), so I went and used his toilet and ate from his fridge before going home to play computer games.

[Action Button Dot Net]


    Can't help but wonder what sim-Tracey was talking aboutwith the champagne bottle, whether she was being literal or metaphorical...
    It's a good likeness for a sim, by the way. Good work.

      my sim is an even better likeness (of me!).

      see, i actually don't drink in real life (i am deathly allergic to alcohol). so when she suggested champagne, the shudder of terror was enough for sim-my brain to shed .2 friendship-line points.

    hi tracey

    i am sorry my sim rejected you :'-(

    feel free to become "frenemies" and click on the "kick balls" button

      Hey man, I don't drink, either. I don't know why my Sim keeps whipping out champagne bottles. :-/

      We took so long to become "meilleurs amis"! It seems wasteful to become frenemies. But sure, I will try that. I bought a new jacket! You should go check it out. (I could not afford the pretty dress because it won't let me convert my Simflouz into Simcash. :(

        i know you don't drink!

        your sim drinks champagne all the time because when you accidentally made your sim in the beginning it had been randomly set to "socialite". you should change it to "introvert" because the book-reading animation looks the hottest.

        don't become my frenemy!! let's stay meilleurs amis :-3

        you can't convert your simflouz into simcash because simcash requires Real World $$$.

        are you going to keep that face on your sim? the lips are too dark and scary.

        i will go see your new jacket

          Then how TF did you manage to buy all those things for your house without spending a cent?

            i played that game like a concert pianist!

            complete the quests! you'll have to spam your facebook friends a bit, though it's not so bad to spam them if they're already playing the game! (the handy social games ticker on the right side of the screen will tell you who is playing the sims. realize that getting their "help" only requires them to click "ok" in their inbox.)


                the rule is to Just Spend All Your Free Energy every hour!

    I was surprised how good sims social was. I was expecting the same old latency filled rubbish, but its a slick game.

    that said I'm all of 1 week into it so who knows how long the interest will last.

    One of my old work mates and i had a funny thing going. We started talking about the sims once and incorporated it into speech. Like if we ever disagreed on something we would say we got one of those negative speech things like in the sims and had to build the friendship back up lol. Was a bunch of other things but i forgot. Good times.

    Aw, when I saw "Tim Rogers" I thought we were in for another bizarrely wordy treat, but it was just a video. :'(

      Click through to his review of the game!

        I'd rather not, if it's all the same.

        You guys don't drink? You must do heaps of hard drugs then.

      yeah, read the review on actionbutton.net! and read the companion article "who killed videogames? (a ghost story)" on insertcredit.com!

      (the latter is easily better than anything i've written for kotaku (winking smiley face))

      and also read my article for kotaku.com -- monday!


    The guy in the video looks like Doctor Venture in one of his 70's flashbacks when he had hair.

    Your site is really hard to read. Was that intentional?

      You should see his article on Burning Man...

        if you were my next-door neighbor at the time i was writing that burning man article, you would have called the cops! (re: me lolling like a psycho-killer)

        Where can I find this Burning Man article?

      do you mean the background?

      you can change the background. in fact, it's very easy to change the background. i cannot, however, explain how to do it. you will have to figure it out. consider it a puzzle!

      a lame, simple puzzle.

      unless you were talking about the words. i can't help you there!

    The beginning and end made me sad because the music reminded me of the split between the Doctor and Rose Tyler. Otherwise, great vid!

    Loving the Doctor Who themed music!

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