If These People Don't Like Star Wars: The Old Republic, There's No Hope

Can you tell if someone is having fun by the look on their face while they are playing a game? What if that person is dressed as a Jedi and is playing upcoming massively multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic?

OK. What if the person is dressed to fly a TIE fighter?

I snapped these pics last month at the Penny Arcade Expo in the official booth for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Then I went on holiday and forgot about them, until today. Here they are. Enjoy and wonder... what were they thinking?

I'm thinking the TIE fighter person was smiling ear to ear.


    I think the massive frown on the jedi means that he was really, REALLY enjoying playing World of Star Warscraft.

    Gotta love those hamfisted Bioware romances.

      Yeah, because a story driven MMO is just like WoW...

      What is it with everyone running out and calling any new MMO a WoW clone...

        You're delusional if you don't think this is anything but WoW in space.

          Oh sorry, I forgot that WoW has aerial combat... oh wait

            So WoW doesn't have flying mounts, and quests including aerial combat. Because I can think of several of those quests off the top of my head,and I haven't played for a good 2 years.

          WoW is just an EQ clone.

          Deal with it.

            Fuck this, it is a total rip off of WoW. They even ripped off the art style of WoW. I don't want to play WoW, I hate WoW. I want KOTOR multiplayer, not fucking WoW with lightsabers. You could barely even call them lightsabers, they are more like glowing night sticks. The developers should think themselves lucky if anyone even pirates this game. Total dickmove for not making another awesome KOTOR game IMHO.

    With all the leaping around and whatnot, you'd think a Jedi would be in better shape. Maybe he has spent too much time in the Cheetoz system recently.

    Ah, Star Wars nerds, gota love 'em

    This article is pointless and the title is misleading. Nothing informative except bashing an upcoming game because 1 person, 1!, looks like he is either hating it (which I highly doubt) or concentrating really hard (in which case, have you seen what other people look like when they are concentrating hard....)

    "I’m thinking the TIE fighter person was smiling ear to ear."

    My guess is that he was in the process of killing the jedi on his left, hence the frown on the jedi

    The Jedi is probably trying and failing to log-in.

    "'Gameplay is not available in your region'? What is this crap?"

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