In The Heat Of The Action League Of Legends Unleashes Dominion

There's a new way to play popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends today, as Riot Games goes live with its brand-new Dominion game mode.

Dominion takes the more traditional Defense of the Ancients-inspired gameplay and twists it into a shape first-person shooter fans are sure to find comfortable and familiar. It's a game of capture and hold, with two teams fighting over five control points. The team controlling fewer points at any given time will sustain constant damage to their Nexus, until it explodes and the round ends.

Check out the video to see what's new in this faster, more accessible addition to League of Legends, and then hit up the game's official website to try it out for yourself.


    Dom is very Different to SR

    Still lots of fun but I find it hard to have anything but a lucky win in the Solo with all the hopeless people trying to play it like SR

    I'm looking for a good team to join if anyone has a casual thing going


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