Insert Coins Launches Tomorrow

With many of Sydney's arcades closing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a wide range of arcade machines all in the same place. Cue Insert Coins: a new, monthly event that brings together arcade machines, games, art, drinks, and music. The best part? It launches tomorrow.

The event has been months in the making and aims to give gaming a night of its own, combining retro arcade machines with new releases like Resistance 3 and FIFA 12.

"Australia needs more games and geek culture events that help demystify our favourite entertainment past time," says one of the event's organiser's, former IGN AU editor, Patrick Kolan.

"With arcades rapidly disappearing, this seemed like an easy fit for the community. We want to create a fun, games-heavy evening with cool entertainment and cheap drinks - something that brings together games, arts, music and booze. It's a killer combination."

So how will the evening run?

"People are gonna be pretty impressed with how elaborate everything is," he says.

"We've hired a set designer to re-create a 50s-era milk bar feeling, we're going to have 25 or so old-school arcade machines, pinball tables and tabletop arcade units, too. Sony is providing Resistance 3, EA are showing off an advance version of FIFA 12, and QVS are supplying controllers and headphones. We're also featuring live art from some of Sydney's best street artists and two awesome bands Brackets and Camden, later in the evening. There's even some talk of Scalectrix car tracks..."

Details: WHAT? Insert Coins WHEN? Thursday 8 September, 6pm-late WHERE? The Oxford Art factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Sydney, 2010 HOW MUCH? $10 at the door with all arcades and games being free-to-play when inside ANYTHING ELSE? They have a Facebook page!


    Sounds pretty cool, only ten bucks, might head down

    I hate you, Sydney.

      oh please, if you're from melbourne, manabar says hi. if you're from brisbane, E3 convention says hi. if you're from anywhere else, move.

        Hey we also have the Manabar here too! It all started here!!

        I'm from Canberra, and do not have an income.

          You poor man, I know your pain. Not living in Canberra part though :P

    Only 25 machines might make it a bit squashed and mean long delays between games. Make sure you make the most of the booze aspect.

      The place is pretty small as it is...

      I wouldn't mind this, but crap choice of nights.

        Yeah, the timing is my problem too. Shame. Hope it goes well though Patch - you've obviously put lots of effort into it!

    Impromptu tournament, anyone? Each match, winner takes a shot!

    ...This sounds awesome. May have to attend.

    bought tix last week and taking friday off - should be good

    DAMN, I need to go to a work retreat tomorrow, this sucks.

    Better be back next month, or ELSE!

    Oh YES, I'm there. Now I wonder how'd it look taking a sickie a day after striking.

    I hate being 17...

    25 machines? California Extreme this ain't.

    I'd go but theres no possible way I can make it there by tomorrow.

    TIP: If you're running 25 old school arcade machines, and 'Sony is providing..' then the rest of the sentence should be 'the boomboxes and walkmen'.

    You know, to be on-theme 'n' all.

    so latest releases is console games and not new release arcade games?
    guess i'll be giving this one a miss.

    I have a feeling it's going to be mega cramped. I'll probably go after the buzz dies down with a few friends.

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