Internal Email Points To Nov 15 For New Xbox Dashboard Release

In May, Microsoft revealed that PayPal would be added as a payment option for Xbox Live transactions such as subscriptions and Microsoft Points purchases. This week, an internal email to PayPal employees asked them to test the service, and pointed to November 15 — the 10-year anniversary of the original Xbox launch — as the date the new dashboard rolls out.

The inclusion of PayPal support isn't new — it was added May 19. It may not be a big deal to most of you who already pay for these things with debit or credit cards. But the email sounded pretty certain that the new Xbox Live, which has seen November updates in 2010 and 2008, will arrive November 15. That sounds nice and tidy as Nov. 15, 2001 was the date of the original Xbox release.

There were few details in the rest of PayPal's internal email, except that "90 per cent of [Xbox Live's]payment volume starts!" from the console in the living room, underlining the importance of PayPal's partnership here.


    I'm sorry, what date did the original Xbox release? I didn't quite catch that.

      Wasn't it 23rd of June? Or was it 14th of October?

    So can we have the points system fixed now, so we're not getting ripped off, even though our AUD is higher than the US?

      Sadly, our dollar is only worth 97 us cents now... :(

        Ahhwell, good whilst it lasted :)

    I would prefer a magical dashboard that could bring back my RROD'ed 360 thus rendering my games, HD DVD's and musical attachments useful!

      *hands Nooby a scroll of resurrection, a gold sticker and a sympathetic pat on the shoulder*

    And three months subscription to live.

    Maybe voice support for Kinect is AUS? It's been lomg enough, and there are a few games out for xmas that support it.

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