Introducing Tracey Lien... Again!

While I was off eating haggis, drinking Irn Bru and pretending I was in the movie Highlander, we were lucky enough to have Tracey 'Trace-face' Lien cover for me and, as I'm sure you are all aware, she did an incredible job. In fact, she did so well that we decided to bring her on permanantly!

So I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to the new Associate Editor of Kotaku Australia - Tracey Lien!

Tracey will be kicking things off in her new role on Tuesday.



    Awesome, glad to have you on permenently.

      Terrible spelling is terrible.

        I join the others in welcoming Tracey and I also join the others in misspelling perminintlay...seems to be the fashion around here. ; )

    Yay grats Tracey. You did an awesome job whilst Mark was away.

    Also Mark; did you really eat haggis? or just running with the stereotype of your heritage?

    She's earned it! Lien is a very talented writer. Congratulations to her!


    Congrats Tracey! Bring on the new kotaku skins


    Awesome stuff. Congratulations Tracey.

    Congratulations Tracey, this is well deserved. I hope that as assistant editor you maintain the same joy and spirit that you infused into your work in the acting editor job.

      Assistant? Associate. I'm glad I know how to both read and type. *sigh*

    Sackboy is fricken huge...oh, hi tracey...but look at him...he's a monster!

      Wait, I thought Tracey was the one who looked like sackboy.

      Blind... mown.

    Awesome! Glad to hear, I enjoyed Tracey's articles.

    Good on ya Tracey!

    does that mean she's unemployed until tuesday =O someone might scalp her if you guys aren't careful!

    I don't know what's better: that you're back, or THAT SACKBOY COSTUME.

    Congratulations Tracey!

    Great to have you onboard full time! Look forward to reading many more of your well-written articles. And maybe you could give Mark a few tips in doing Remember This? :P

      You know that's why she got the job, right?
      Because she beat us at Remember This.
      That's not an easy job.
      She also kept us entertained with a string of interesting and enjoyable articles, but it was the Remember This pwnage which got her the role.

    Congrats Tracey :)
    I know this will make a certain robot very happy.

    Grats Tracey!

    And feel free to ignore the suggestions regarding Remember This that Jamesmag said because he is over-tired and delusional.

    Congrats, Tracey! I look forward to not getting any information about The Last Guardian from you over the coming months.

    Much more pleasing on the eyes than Mark. I can't help but feel Mark is now redundant.

      Clearly you've never read this piece.

        Where's Chuloopa, and why hasn't he replied to this?

        Nice 6-pack mate, i must admit that mine is more of the alcoholic kind.

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