iPhone Game You Can Only Play Once Gets Sequel, Infinite Lives

Released earlier this year, One Single Life for the iPhone achieved a massive 2.6 million downloads based on one simple concept: When you die, you can't play it again. Next week the sequel hits the iTunes store, but some of the magic is gone.

At its heart, One Single Life 2 still features the same tension-filled mechanic that made the first one such a heart-pounding experience. You've got one chance to clear a series of jumps. If you fail, that's it.


This time around developer FreshTone Games decided to cater to the players that want to finish the game no matter what. For a fee they'll be able to purchase infinite lives, throwing the core idea out the window.

FreshTone Games' director Anthony O'Dempsey thinks the concept remains intact.

"We honestly wouldn't mind if no-one bought this upgrade but are acutely aware that some of our fans simply must ‘beat the game' and we wanted to respect that choice. Plus, we don't allow leaderboard updates if you use infinite lives so the integrity of the ranking system remains intact."

I say the fact that there's even the option ruins the experience completely, much like the recent tournament update to the original game, which allowed players seeking to hit the one million point mark a chance to play the game again a half-hour after they die.

One Single Life 2 hits iTunes on September 15 for $1.99.


    Yeah... now this is just a money making scheme...

    Infinite lives would be fine... but the game already costs money as it is...

    Stupid devs...

    But charging for a game that you can only play until you die (then never again) is ok?

      Absolutely yes.

    This is absolutely disgusting. This isn't a help for their fans as they'd like to put it, it's /charging for more lives/.

    Capcom gets lambasted for much less than this.

      Ever been to an arcade...


        Have a cry, guys. I'll easily burn $20+ in a session at the arcade, getting my arse handed to me time and again and it's all good fun.

    You guys are being bloody ridiculous.

    OSL was a great game and the developer made nothing out of it.

    Why shouldn't a developer be able to make a bit of money from their art? You already enjoyed the first free of charge.

    If you don't like it then don't buy it, but quite being such sooky lalas.

      Paying for a game is one thing. Paying for lives - the only video-gaming concept older than the ability to jump - is another.

      As for making a bit of money on their art: they could have charged for the first game, but they didn't. It's not as if they were forced to make no profit from it.

        That's just the premise of the game though, if you don't like it don't buy it. The fact that you can't play it again instills a real sense of risk in the player and the idea of having wasted $2 is a good way of doing that. I do agree that it would be better free, but hey, this guy came up with a unique and successful concept - why can't he be allowed to make some sort of profit from it?

      It might be ok, you know, if it was a good game...

      It's not.

    Wow sounds awesome will check it out! The concept sounds similar to walking in to an arcade with only a dollar and then the arcade shuts down before pay day

    There is nothing wrong the concept of in-game purchases of lives - for every game EXCEPT one that's sole concept is 'one Single Life'.

    I also think it was an absolute cop-out having a 'training jump' at the start of the game - it really dulled the fantastic concept.

    Well I think it the concept was cool and if it took a second game to make the producers some money back, so be it! It's a tough market and they did make it to no. 1 in Europe and Swedan for the original concept.. that's got to be worth something for sure!

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