Is This Our First Fleeting Look At Dead Space 3?

EA hasn't made it official yet, but odds are pretty damn good that there's going to be a Dead Space 3. And the above video may represent our first scant look what the next Dead Space will be.

The source of that possible proof of Dead Space 3's existence — in logo and concept art form — comes from Israel's channel 10, via IGN. Amid footage and character art from Dead Space 2 is what appears to be a peek at new 3D character models, one familiar looking logo and some sketches of future Necromorphs.

So don't get too excited, unless you were thinking that another Dead Space game might not happen. You should though, as Dead Space 2 has "sold in over two million units" as of July, according to EA.

EA's response to the apparent leak was typical "no comment" stuff, saying it didn't "have any news" about another Dead Space game.

Dead Space 3 Confirmed? [IGN]


    Dead space was better as a horror game.

    I liked both of the first 2 Dead Space games, but I'm not sure if I really need to go back for a 3rd helping of the same thing. I really hope they're not going to just milk this franchise dry, but I suspect they will.

      dude, it's EA... of course they are, with all the mandatory "merchandising, merchandising"... dead space toilet paper anyone?

        Honestly.. I'd buy Dead Space toilet paper.

          Dude, you don't wanna know what that toilet papers' gonna do to your ass...

    I can't remember how the second one ended

    This is the closest we are ever going to get to a revival of the System Shock franchise. Which makes me sad that something so great became something so different. But if it had to be ripped apart and remade as something else, Dead Space 1 and 2 were as good as I could've asked for. Fantastic games.

    I'll buy 3 and they know others will too.

      Have you even played Bioshock?

        Hahahaha.... that's a good one.

        No seriously, never compare those 2 games again.

        This is a joke, right?

        The game that removed all consequence from player choice within the context of gameplay, removed almost all of the character building elements and gave you a single Jesus/Hitler paradigm choice was so different from System Shock in every way, it's like comparing it to Turok.

        The only thing that made Bioshock the critical darling that it was, was that reviewers got so far up its arse that they were massaging the prostate. Yes, it is based on an interesting story by a crazy lady. I hope that makes you feel smart. I'll take games that aren't a step backwards in every non-graphical way from a game that came out last century.

    Yep I want more. Make it scarier.

    Still to play Dead Space 2 because I haven't finished Dead Space 1...damn pile of shame! Mayhap the october long weekend will help.

      At least three times I've gone back to finish dead space and every time I've realised 'you idiot, you stopped playing this because it just got really boring'. Maybe one day... I'll take it to the dentist or something.

    Most games end up telling a story over a trilogy nowdays anyway, so it's expected.

    EA - tell DICE to get to work on Mirror's Edge 2 - you know that OTHER new IP that came out the same year as dead space after they have finished working on BF3.

    Of course it makes great business sense to make another dead space, but I wish they'd have the balls to make something new. Something new might sell even more!

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