It Takes A Studio Of Millions To Make A Call Of Duty Game

It Takes A Studio Of Millions To Make A Call Of Duty Game

Technically, that’s a slight exaggeration, but from the perspective of most other development teams, the sheer number of bodies Activision assigns to making Call of Duty games still boggles the mind.

According to Activision’s executive vice president for studios Dave Stohl, the publisher has at any one time around 500 people working on the Call of Duty series. That’s more men and women than most companies even have, let alone have to devote to a single franchise.

About the only comparable franchise I can think of is Assassin’s Creed, which last I heard could have 400+ developers working on it, and for much the same reason (when you’ve got to get one game a year on the shelf, you need to be working on more than one at a time).

Call of Duty consumes the time of four or five Activision studios [Gamesbeat]


  • It only sounds like so many, because the rotate the franchise with multiple studios to pump the games out as fast as they can. There’s not that many working on each individual game I’d imagine, unless you’re including joe schmuck down at the gamestop who sold it to you.

    Does SW:TOR get to count its voice actors into its collaboration figure? Because I’m pretty sure they’d blow that figure out of the water alone; with something like 1200.

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