It Takes One Very Long Screenshot To Showcase The Beauty Of Fez

When Polytron's Fez finally comes to Xbox Live Arcade, it looks like it will be a game worth waiting a long, long time for. Just take a look at this new screen shot from Fez for a good hard minute and you'll see why.

Phil Fish's 2D puzzle-platformer with some very fancy 3D screen rotation tricks is, last we heard, still on for a 2011 release on XBLA. Keep your fingers crossed, indie game lovers!

FEZ LONG SCREENSHOT 01 [Vimeo via GameSetWatch]


    Between Fez and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet I really want another 360 but really dont want to buy another one either..

    Ugh, please port to PC? :P

    I'm good! Borrowing my friend's Xbox when this is released! :)

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