It's A Sin Only Europe Gets This Persona 2 Collector's Edition

Are you seeing red, North American Persona fans? That's because this European collector's edition of the PSP redux of Persona 2: Innocent Sin comes with so much more than the skimpy mini-soundtrack we're getting over here.

Ghostlight, the company handling Innocent Sin's European release, is pulling out several of the stops to please fans of the long-running supernatural RPG series. Along with the soundtrack (which comes packed inside launch copies of the North American version), fans will enjoy 6 double-sided art cards featuring the work of Kazuma Kaneko on the front

and Shigenori Soejima on the back; a poster of the game's striking cover art; a collector's edition box; and a UMD case with a reversible inlay. Fans that order the game directly through Ghostlight's online store also score that sexy red t-shirt.

I suppose we should be thankful we're getting the previously unreleased game in the states at all, but we're Americans, and we should have the opportunity to waste money as we see fit. *plays National anthem*


    Sooooo are we getting that here in aus? If so which store?

    Isn't Persona 2 really bad though?

    P4 is the greatest game of all time, but I played P1 (on an emulator.... before the psp version was announced) and it's dated hugely.

    Gamespot seemed to be under the impression this one was pretty poor too, and we should wait for P4 on Vita and P5 whenever that comes out.

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