It's Hard Work Shooting Mai Shiranui's Butt

Cosplay ain't easy. You need an outfit. You need to make up your face and do your hair. But if you think that's serious stuff, check out what it's like to photograph them.

Here, a photographer shows off his moves as this Mai Shiranui cosplayer shows off her moves. And her butt. And, yeah, her boobs.

Hey, it's Mai Shiranui. What do you expect, a top hat?

Top photo: Brian Ashcraft/Kotaku


    Japan amazes me. For such a small country with so many people, all the guys seem to act as if they've never seen a woman outside of their mother giving birth to them.

      See the same here during racing events. Pitt girls bring crowds of guys.

      I think it's the cultural thing where for the most part, men love their idealised demure, passive, cute girls and the attraction begins to get creepy.

      Throw in the (generally) nerdier game subculture, and you'll begin to get a tonne of antisocial weirdos to ogle over this stuff, and just as weird services that cater to it.

      It's not so much that they are obsessed by these women, but they take photography VERY seriously. You see hordes of Japanese photographers taking zillions of photos from every angle EVERYWHERE, not just at cons

    She's a bit chunky.

      You call that "chunky"? Man, you have problems.

        Haven't you heard Chazz? Porn is an accurate portrayal of women.

          I must have missed the memo on that :P

        For an Asian girl, she is pretty chunky. And I do see cellulite showing up in a couple of those pics.

      She's not chunky. I would eat sushi off her ar$#hole. :D

      Yes, she is a tad chunky indeed, fortunately I think that's hawt! I'm married to a very thin, tall, athletic girl and I'm always telling her to put a bit of weight on.

    I've been in Japan for the past 7 days and its hard to come by a good looking Woman. Thats why his going skitz

    chazz if a girl looking like that was here in oz and letting people take pics of her i bet you the crowd of blokes around her would be much bigger than japan lol

      No, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be. Same reason we don't have rape games developed here or hentai involving family or little girls. We're not that over-sexed due to a culture of sexual repression.

        thats a pretty stereotyped view of the japanese, perhaps if us aussie blokes had an outlet for our fantasies footy players wont be raping underage girls for real and not in games.

          Fail more, mate.

          First up, those situations have been, if proven to be true, "statutory" at best which detracts heavily from the horrid nature that is true rape as opposed to drunken idiots being manipulated by teenage sluts who want their 15 minutes in the spotlight. Secondly, Japan does have a traditional culture of sexual repression which has led to a countless many outlets for it which undeniably include games that glorify actual rape and hentai of all sorts depicting acts of an incestuous nature or involving underage children.

          Am I saying that that such things are specific to Japan? No. But even though such things occur in all countries, it is Japan that produces the most content regarding such things.

          By the by, you really sound like you're actually trying to justify such material which really doesn't bode well.

            you ignorant cretin have you ever even set-foot in japan? they don't glorify that stuff and I would hardly call them a sexually repressed society, the girls there where as much sexy clothes as the girls here and there are adult game shows there on TV the likes of which you would never see in Oz. If i where you I would actually go there first and see for yourself rather than just pass judgement on a whole country of people based on your personal hentai collection lmao

              You're sounding like a colossal weeaboo and rape game apologist. Guess what, I have been there and I'd agree that normal Japan is fine. But are you seriously denying that THEIR creeps are less rapey than our ones? I think not.

              The sheer amount of creepy hentai and sexually deviant material coming from that country speaks volumes about the sort of sexual appetites of a (worringly large) demographic.

                wrong again dude since the government in japan has clamped down massively on that material two years ago the bulk of that stuff is now made by weekend warrior artists in australia and in the USA and the majority purveyors/customers/demand of that crap comes from outside japan
                nice name change there Chazz i see what you did there :P

                  Name change? Mate I was asleep by the time of that post. Some of us work instead of sitting around all night trying to justify the existence of rape games.

                  Ahhaha name change. Riighhht. I've been posting in Kotaku/Giz under this name for months/years dude. Check it out.

                  "since the government in japan has clamped down massively on that material two years ago"

                  It takes a hell of a lot of mental acrobatics to convince yourself that when your government shuts down on the rape games, it's totally normal.

                When I went to Japan and came back to Australia. It really pissed me off that everyone in Sydney is rude and all in for themselves. In Tokyo everyone was more than happy to help me with directions. Everyone standard in line. Everyone is considerate unlike this country. So please don't bad mouth the Japanese, they're so much more sophisticated than us. And you Are acting like these rape games are the norm in Japan. Everyone in Japan plays them. It's just not true that's a minority. Australia has it's fair share of Pedos as well.

    who let the white knights out?

    at the end of that photoshoot the photographer has a massive dislocated neck

    Come on Brian, you don't need to pretend you're taking photos of the photographer, we all know the truth

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