It's Like Star Trek, You're Kirk/Picard, It's For The iPhone

Star Command is like Game Dev Story. Only instead of running a games studio, you're running a starship, its crew, and dealing with aliens. So, yes, it's an exciting prospect.

It's essentially Star Trek without the licence, and with cute retro graphics and the promise of, well, commanding your own starship (something few games seem to want to tackle), it's been on a lot of people's iPhone radars for a while now.

With a release date planned sometime around the end of year, the game's developers are looking for some cash to help get them over the line. If that's something you'd like to assist them with — and may I point out that you can individually recruit, manage and level up each crew member — head to their Kickstarter page.

Star Command [Star Command, via Dtoid]


    This is pretty cool, reminds me of the x-com games. Exciting, hopefully without the lawsuit.

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