It's Never Too Early To Roleplay

When I was 12 years old my friends and I attempted to decipher the mysteries of Dungeons & Dragons. As I recall, the game we ended up playing involved us hitting each other with sticks. If only we had James Stowe's child-friendly D&D character sheets.

James Stowe is an artist and illustrator that wanted to do something nice for his son's eighth birthday.

For my son's eighth birthday party he convinced me to run Dungeons and Dragons for four 2nd graders... I decided to take actual characters made in the DND Insider and simplify them us that the boys could have fun without much of a learning curve. Here are the six characters I made from scratch for the game. I am happy to report it was a huge success, each boy had a fantastic time... and so did I. I would happily do it again.

Thirty years ago this would have been considered borderline child abuse in some circles. Today it's just pretty damn cool. I can't wait for my boys get old enough to DM.

Hit up the link below for the full set of kid-friendly D&D characters.

DND for 8 year olds [Art by Stowe]


    Epic work! I see a need to be this wicked cool to my kids. xP


    I love the enthusiasm and love that's gone into it.

    /cue Fox News for a satanic D&D gaming story


    You know, the fact that they tell "stories" really should've been more obvious to some people.

      /cue the ignorant FOX hating comment

      You're a great tool of society. If you have nothing of worth keep the butt on your face closed, tool.

    ewww 4th edition. Do that for 3.5 DnD or pathfinder and then your playing a REAL rpg

      lol and us elder ones who played through the basic and advanced editions of the game could say the same to you. The fact that they are sitting down at the table and rolling dice is ALL that matters. Doesn't matter what game or edition. Good on 'em. This article just made my day.

    Very cool! Makes me want to have kids just to get them into D&D :)

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