Japan Launched Gears Of War 3 With Idols You Can... *Ahem*

Ayaman Japan is a trio of girls who love to party. There's Ayaman, the outfit's leader and "Crotch Boss" (the group also has a "Boob Boss" and an "Ass Boss"). The Boob Boss, Asami Sakurada, used to moonlight as a game event companion. Now, she emcees game launch events.

Ayaman Japan consists of idols you can *ahem*. The girls appeared at the Gears of War 3 launch event, along with male comedy duo Fujiwara and eyebrowed female comedian Masayo Miyazaki.

All the females on stage at the event were supposed to be dressed like Gears of War's Anya. The key words here are "supposed to be".

日本マイクロソフト、「Gears of War 3」発売記念イベント開催 [Game Watch Impress]


    Yeah, cause when I think Gears of War I imagine skimpy underage girls...

      You expect anything else from Brian Ashcraft?

        Haha that's what I was thinking, bashcraft strikes again :p

      It's obviously a subtle, subtle marketing ploy

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