Japan's Biggest Game Getting A Big Change

For years, Monster Hunter has primarily been a PlayStation Portable game. With Monster Hunter 3G for the Nintendo 3DS, that's going to change.

Monster Hunter started out as a PlayStation 2 title and then made its way to the Wii. It was when it made the leap to the PSP that the game really took off.

For millions of gamers, the PSP version is all they know. "It seems like's going to be a totally different game," one female Monster Hunter fan told me at the Tokyo Game Show. "For years, most players — especially female players — have been playing it on the PSP."

It's akin to hardcore StarCraft fans who were so used to the first game that when Blizzard made StarCraft II, it did't make the game *that* difference. It's not simply a Blizzard's fear of pissing off fans, it's taking into consideration what the fans are used to.

The 3DS version looks to be a big jump for Monster Hunter, with the advent of two screens. There's also the matter of what players are used to holding in their hands, something that the 3DS and the forthcoming second slide pad attachment will change.

This isn't a bad thing, and new platforms off new experience. With Monster Hunter 3G coming out and Monster Hunter 4 in development, Monster Hunter fans better get used to playing the game on the 3DS.


    No mention of Monster Hunter 4's parkour-esque system?

    Monster Hunter stumbled when it rebooted with half as much content on the Wii, then tripped over itself completely when Portable 3 neutered the difficulty.

    And now it dies completely. Screw Capcom and their catering to casuals. Ugh.

    Does anyone on this site have any idea what they're on about anymore... ffs.

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