Japan's Wildest Gaming Designer Wanted To Be In America's Wildest Game

If Tomonobu Itagaki, the hard drinking cigarette smoking game designer behind Devil's Third, were a video game he'd be Saints Row: The Third. No wonder he wanted to lend his voice to the game.

At a Tokyo Game Show press event, Itagaki professed his love for Saints Row character Phillipe Loren, who leads the Syndicate crime organisation. Phillipe often appears with two girls on his arms.

Itagaki loves Phillipe so much that he said he asked THQ if he could voice the character. "THQ told me," said Itagaki, "if you have that much free time, you need to work on Devil's Third."

Check out the first look at Devil's Third from earlier this year. The game was not shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show.


    Simple solution, if SR3 gets a japanese release with japanese dubbing then just call Itagaki in for a voice session.

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