Katamari Amore Rolls Onto IOS Next Week

The Katamari Damacy series just keeps on keepin' on with one more entry, this one for the iPhone and iPad. Katamari Amore is hitting iOS next week and arriving with a guest appearance from Pac-Man.

Amore is the second Katamari game for iOS, following 2008's I Love Katamari. It boasts 24 missions and "six completely new stages," says Namco, leading one to believe that there will be plenty of recycled Katamari content within.

Namco's going "freemium" with Amore, offering the trial download for free, which can be upgraded to the full version for $US3.99 USD.

In perhaps more exciting news, this Pac-Man themed stage involving the Katamari-ing of dots and ghosts looks super rad.

Katmari Amore hits iTunes on September 29.



      OK Mr. Sunshine!

        na na, na, na, na, na-na na na, Katamari damarcy.

        I couldn't help myself. I agree, Android port please, not everyone is licking Apple's feet.

    From the looks of the top screenshot it looks like they might have ironed out those awful control issues from the first one as well. I'll take on screen joysticks against screen tilting any day!

      I concur. Ruined the first game completely.

    Yay yay yay!!!

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