Kid Icarus Uprising Won't Make It To Nintendo 3DS This Year

Originally planned as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, a sequel two decades in the making... err, waiting will have to wait a little longer.

Kid Icarus Uprising is now a 2012 title, Nintendo revealed at its 3DS Conference in Tokyo today, pegging Pit's next adventure for the first quarter in Japan. Developed by Project Sora and led by Masahiro Sakurai, Uprising is said to be delayed to give the game a bit more polish.

In better news, Nintendo announced 3D animated shorts produced by studios Production I.G., Studio 4C and Shaft. They'll be available worldwide.

Nintendo's 2012 line-up also includes Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Tennis, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Paper Mario.


    That's a good looking line-up of 3DS games there, hopefully Nintendo won't disappoint like they have this year. Hopefully by the time that these games are out there will be a new 3DS model which is more efficient for me to pick up.

    Honestly, I don't really mind. I'd rather they make a good game than to rush it out.

    But man, I cannot wait until Fire Emblem 3DS comes out. I really hope it comes to Aus (or at least Europe :P). It's probably overtaken Kid Icarus and Luigis Mansion as my most anticipated 3DS title.

      tough call between fire emblem and luigis mansion though :P

    Out of all the news to possibly write about, such as the two new Monster Hunter games, or Fire had to write an article about something so obvious?

    If Kid Icarus's release date was announced, do you really think it'd be within 2-3 months?

    I love the overall negative bias that Kotaku has towards Nintendo. Never mentioning the good, only the bad.

      So Kotaku should only report on news that reflects positively on a particular company they are writing about? And to be fair, there hasn't been a lot of positives to write about lately when it comes to Nintendo. Next you'll be expecting them to write an article entitled "Nintendo has a crap year, but at least they're trying REALLY hard".

    3DS disappointing again? Yawn. Guess I needn't wipe the dust off it yet.

    Kid Icarus was the first item on the agenda in the conference, so I don't see a problem with this article going up first. The Monster Hunter article followed shortly after. Give the journos time to write FFS, the conference only finished not long ago.

    Take off your rose tinted fanboy glasses for a moment and you'll realise that Nintendo hasn't done anything good enough to be worth a mention lately.

    They've been throwing fecal matter in the faces of their long-time fans for the past few years while they concentrated on making money out of casual gamers. Now the casuals are bored of Nintendo and the mediocre looking WiiU, leaving Nintendo desperately trying to make up for poor sales, and it's REALLY obvious. Everyone saw it coming, and now the poor run and all the mistakes Nintendo is making with the 3DS are really shining through. Negative bias? More like the general opinion of 90% of the industry.

    One can only hope they're taking so long with everything else because the primary development crew is too busy banging out a new 3DS Zelda title. ;)

    ... Wasn't it supposed to be a goddamn launch game? What the hell, Nintendo. You pimped this game out the very first time you revealed it.

    This displeases me.

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