Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Sure Looks Dreamy

Upcoming 3DS title Kingdom Hearts 3D got a new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show. It's beautiful.

The game is a new KH entry, and it will be compatible with the new 3DS Expansion Slide Pad.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be released next year.

Kingdom Hearts 3D [YouTube]


    Hooray! 'The World Ends With You' is not dead! Although, with non Final Fantasy Square Enix games crossing over it could start getting a little messy. I shudder to think what would happen if Parasite Eve invaded the Kingdom Hearts-verse.

    Huh, a game that looks worth getting a 3DS for, because most of what the 3DS has shown me game-wise has just made me "meh" due to the sheer amount of reretreads.


    Dear SquareEnix...
    in regards to the kingdom hearts series;


    I shouldn't have to own over 5 different game consoles to get the whole story!!!

    by my count, you need a PS2(KH1, KH2 + both final mixes) a game boy advance (KHCoM) a DS (KHreCoded, 378/2 or something..)a PSP (birth by sleep)that one for the mobile phone that wasn't released outside japan and NOW A 3DS TOO???

    god dammit you better be bringing us KH3 OR a big ass collection soon.. i cant keep spending all this money for one off games anymore!! T_T

      Recoded is the mobile games.

      How can you say KH1 + 2 + final mixes when they are the same games story-wise with slightly additional content.

      Also, I am sure Imperial Hot thought to himself - i am going to go multiplatform with these titles to piss people off. It's more a case of ps2 was dying so they moved over to a better platform - DS - that was still selling well. PSP sells well in Japan so they made an offshoot game for that and no doubt they thought the 3DS would take off..... (oops!) but KH3 - the main game will surely include a story catchup and will be PS3 (exclusive???)

      Nothing to worry about if you want to get the whole story, bro.

        While you make some valid points, a lot of the backstory from Chain of Memories was skipped over or barely alluded to in KH2. While you could've just played KH1 and then KH2, you miss out on what happened to Mickey and Riku over the 3 years between the two games after they went through the Door to Darkness at the end of KH1, you miss out on why Sora has suddenly forgotten all about Kairi, you completely miss out on the fact that half or Organisation XIII was wiped out (by Sora and Riku) and that most of those who died were attempting to work against Xemnas, and so on.

        Secondly, Squiggles was correct about a mobile phone game that wasn't released outside of Japan (and wasn't Coded), but it was non-canonical, wasn't developed by Square-Enix in any shape or form, and was terrible. He did happen to miss Birth by Sleep 2 (which is in development for the PS Vita), but that's just rubbing salt in the wound. ^^

        And thirdly, I can understand Squiggles' frustration at the numerous spin-off titles and platforms required to play them. Particularly when Nomura has claimed quite a few times now after the release of these titles that not only will they be vitally important to the backstory of Kingdom Hearts 3, but that they had begun development on KH3 right afterwards. Queue a few years back, Nomura changes his story and says that INITIAL development on Kingdom Hearts 3 won't start until Versus XIII wraps, which is starting to head towards vapourware status. On top of that, more recently, he added Dream Drop Distance to the list of titles to be released before development even starts on KH3. Seeing as he's also stated that KH3 would take 3-4 years from initial development until release, fans have some pretty good reasons to be a little pissed off at this point.

    My word...that has to be the best version of Dive into the Heart ~ Destati I have ever heard. If I had a 3DS, I would automatically buy this game just for that. (Although I would buy it anyway lol)

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