Kotaku Adds Australian Weekend Editor!

Some exciting news: Starting tomorrow, we'll have a weekend editor writing fresh stories, actively moderating your comments, and making sure the US posts are properly polished. Kotaku AU will be humming seven days a week! But that’s not all the news we've got to share...

The new weekend editor is none other than Logan Booker (pictured), founding editor of Kotaku Australia, and former editor of Atomic Magazine. He left Kotaku in mid-2008 to take up a game designer role at Tantalus, and in early 2011, moved to a writing role at Firemint (now owned by Electronic Arts). Please join us in welcoming Logan back to the fold!

In other news, I’ve stepped up to the role of Publisher of Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo; and Seamus has left for CNET. You may recognise my byline from Giz — I most recently edited the Aussie site, and previously contributed to the US edition. I've also covered gaming and E3 for sites like PC World, and had the odd mention on Kotaku US. I’m honoured to be supporting Mark to make Kotaku even better. And how good has Tracey been this month?

So who’s the new Gizmodo editor? Well, we’re still on the hunt! We've had good interest, and I'm casting the net far and wide to chat with a bunch of writers and journalists. Feel free shoot me an email.

So, exciting times at Allure Media and for Kotaku.

Great to have you along for the ride.


    That is all so awesome!!
    We get to keep you!

    And welcome back, Logan!!

    This place just keeps getting more and more awesome! :D

    Welcome guy! :D

    Welcome back Logan... get a haircut.

      Ignore this man, well, listen to the welcome back, but ignore the haircut bit.

        You just made the list Blaghs.

        Also, God help us if Logans first post is something about being editor of KotakAU... before it went mainstream.

      There's nothing wrong with his hair!!! It's way better than mine. I'd smoke a cigarette to have that hair.

    Wh do you guys waste your time 'announcing' a new job listing, if you're just going to give it to a former worker and friend? It saves people getting their hopes up who are actually looking for work.

      For what it's worth, even current/former employees have to be re-interviewed and be considered against other applicants. It's definitely not a case of just handing jobs out to friends and co-workers, it's about finding the right person for the job.

        In the nicest way possible I'm calling you out on that. It's always been who you know not what you know. I'm not saying that's definitely what happened in this case 100%, but it's pretty naive to think it played no part at all. I'm sure the guy will make a great editor, and is well suited and quite capable. I'd also place money that it's not the sole reason he got the job.

        PS - Gratz to Mr Published and Mr Weekend editor, and best of luck.

          same thing can be said of any job.

          Hell i got my last part time job because i met the manager it a friend's birthday and obviously he like me enough that he remembered that he'd seen my name in the resume sheet. I was offered a job 2 days later.(skipped all the interviews and everything)

          And for all you know he only applied after the job was advertised

            That's what I thought I implied, tried to specify I wasn't attacking Kotaku. Hell everyone I know under thrity (and inb4 "haha you only know one person") minus my girlfriend got their job through who they know, every single one, soooo we're talking twenty nine of thirty, and my girlfriend only got the job because like 3 people applied.

          Yo Sam. I'm the one who made the hire. I didn't even know Logan from a bar of soap. Merit, and merit alone. All is well :)

            Guess that makes 2 :P

      dude isn't that a bit harsh, this guy is obviously well suited to the job as he has done it before. Also i am guessing he applied just like everyone else!

        I dunno Danny, it seems a bit unreasonable to expect the guy who's already done this as a job to be the best qualified to do it again. It's not like he'd have gained huge amounts of experience as he did it or anything. Ha!

    I'm too much of a young Kotakuian to know this Logan fellow, but WELCOME BACK! YOU WERE SO AWESOME (probably)!

      Qbo and i are the oldest remaining (i'm pretty sure) - qbo by a few months - but i came in towards the front end of 09 so i just missed Logan by the sounds of it...

        Wooaaaah... you guys are like, honorable. Or something.

        *bows down*

        I was reading the website while Logan was editor, I remember some of those articles, and I think Strange was as well.

        We just weren't members of the community.

        Yeah you two were well established around here when i made my entrance. Cant remember when i joined but it was a while ago but I also missed this strapping young man...

        Also, WELCOME but please get a haircut and shave those damn sideburns

        Pretty sure there are some people kicking around who've been posting on Kotaku AU since a long time back. I started posting comments periodically just after the site opened. No idea when exactly that was though.

          ... but it was before or during February 08, according to my Kotaku AU-supplied copy of Lost Odyssey :)

    Welcome back Logan! Kotaku is like the mafia. You never truly get away.

    Welcome back Logan! Look forward to your contributions. And I'm not even the slightest bit bitter that you stole my job. No, not at all :)

    While welcoming back Logan, I would also like to say congrats to Danny for evolving into publisher.

      Is there a ceremony where Dany gets annointed with the ceremonial Seamus hairpiece?

        I misread Seamus and it was BAD.

          seamen? perfectly acceptable name, my missus maiden name was seamen and there has in no way been any jokes what so ever made about that...

    What do you mean by polishing the US posts? Fixing every articles' typos?

      Nah, just deleting anything that Bashcraft posts.

        This! Well, not all. But Logan will be watching ;) Like a sentinel

          We have the Danny Allen support on this? Excellent.

      Certainly catching typos as much as possible, making sure posts are formatted correctly, potentially tweaked with Aussie links when needed, etc.

        Replacing Z's with S's? Imperial measurements with metric measurements? And "the world is flat" with "the world is kind of an egg shaped sphere thing"?

        This sounds like a very welcome change. It's almost funny looking on the US kotaku and seeing almost every article filled with people correcting typos. Good to hear the Aussie editors are doing something about it.

    Hi Logan! I have absolutely no idea who you are, but I'm sure you'll be great!

    Also congrats Danny!

    Can we have a limmerick comp soon, I have a funny word that rhymes with Logan that I want to use.

    haha and a funny one that rhymes with Booker!!!

    OK, stuff it, its friday arvo so here goes:

    There onces was a man named Logan
    His shirt was devoid of all slogans
    Not much of a looker
    He went for a hooker
    but all he could afford were a couple of bogans!

    Now I mean none of this in any disrespectful way, but c'mon... had to do it.

    Logan here is a fantastic writer and journalist, and is irrefutably a person I'd want to have at my side during a zombie apocalypse.

    Welcome back! Can I say I thought Zafehouse was great and can't wait for the sequel.

    Welcome back, Logan.
    Also, that Spartan picture is badass.


    Also hi?

      This. We must know! It's an integral part of the job!

    Weee welcomeback Logan! That goes back too the days when even I was just a mere lurker :0 Oh how we've grown. Congrats to Danny too! winning all around today! w00t!

    I miss Seamus.

    Welcome back to the fold, I imagine this place isn't quite in the state you left it in :p

    Congrats on the promotion, Danny. You're moving through the ranks just a little too quickly for my liking. Got plans for the Labor party leadership after this? :p

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