Lame Game Marathon Begins Tomorrow

The Lame Game Marathon, which is a charity event to raise money for the refugee crisis in East Africa, kicks off tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am, when a group of charitable gamers will play some of the world's lamest games for 24 hours.

We've spruiked the event before, but this is just a quick reminder that you can watch the stream of their gaming shenanigans from 10am tomorrow morning and make a donation. All proceeds will go to the UNHCR, the United Nation's Refugee Agency, and all games played will be of the lamest variety. Games like Pimp My Ride: The Video Game.

For those who tune in at 5:30am on Sunday morning during the final block of the gaming marathon, you'll have the pleasure of watching them playing Gardening Simulator. We can't wait!


    Duke Nukem Forever literally forever.

    I wonder if they have an advance copy of Gears 3.

      That will be a massive snooze fest right there

    My taxes are already going toward buying refugees Playstation 3s so I think I'll pass on all of these charities, thanks.

      12yo pay taxes??!!

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