League Of Legends Shutting Down Mac Support

After about a year of beta testing, Riot Games is cancelling Mac OS support for League of Legends at midnight on Tuesday.

In a statement, Riot said it made the decision because "our current approach regarding the Mac platform won't guarantee the quality and frequent updates we deliver today on the PC." While this is the end of the Mac beta, it doesn't rule out the possibility of a Mac version in the future. "We are committed to building a solution that will work on the Mac in the long run," Riot said, "but it will take some time."

The shutdown is effective at midnight on Sept. 6.

The beta testers who used the League of Legends store may choose to receive a full refund, or keep their accounts open and continue to play on a PC.

Riot is also giving all Mac players a code for the Champions Pack. "Mac player" means a majority of one's logins came from that client. The code must be redeemed before Tuesday.

Announcement [League of Legends. For those who can't see the message, go here. h/t dlawrenc]


    I'm almost tempted to download the OS X beta, login and logout frequently so that I count as having a Mac account and then rejoice in the freebies.

    Of course, I won't, but it's damned tempting.

      You can't download it, they locked the users of it a long while ago.

    Well there goes my chance to try the game out.
    Oh well *goes back to checking the status of my SC2 download*


    Atleast i get some DOTA2

    Gamers don't play on Mac anyway.

      I'm a gamer and I play on a Mac - both OSX games and PC games via Boot Camp.

      Where do I fit in your logic then?

        You might fit in as a person with too much money :P

          Actually I don't - I cheated by putting a bundle together and bartering the price down with other stores.

            You managed to get the price of a mac that can game down by about 40% or do you just play titles that aren't graphically intensive by any means? (Serious question, not trolling)

              It depends on what you mean by intense. It's a i7 Mac Book Pro so it is more than capable.

              The most intense game I can think of is Star Craft 2. Then again, I am keeping to my own collection.

              I have Crysis laying around but I keep that as a GFX benchmarker. Might install it this weekend and see what happens.

              In the end, I go for game play so I often ignore and even disable graphics if it means improved performance of the game.

                Is yours the model with the ATi 6750m?

                  It is. Out of curiousity where does that stand in relation to other cards?

                  I mostly got it as I wanted a durable laptop with a good battery life while I ran Windows.

                  And, that is exactly what I go. I just love the fact I can do a fair amount of work and still have more than half the battery to spare.

                "so I often ignore and even disable graphics if it means improved performance of the game."


                  Graphics is like icing on a cake. That matters is the filling and too much icing is only going to raise your dental bills rather than improve the experience.

              I have both a PC for games and a 15" 2010 macbook pro which I can game on while travelling. I've put bootcamp on it basically just for steam and I've run Fallout 3 and Crysis at medium to high without any problems. In fact Im going overseas for a year shortly and my macbook will be my only games machine for awhile, and I believe it will have no problem handling the job.

                Instead of buying MAC hardware you could of bought PC hardware and gotten the best of both for a cheaper price.

                  Depends on what two worlds one is after.

                  For me, it was mostly .NET and Object-C/Mac/iOS programming. All the while with laptop hardware that does not break my back nor my patients due to the battery.

                  Gaming came after when I browsed my collection found some hybrids that could also be ran on the Mac.

    PC is where the real gaming is anyway :P

      Please don't bate the trolls and console fanboys (and fangirls).

      Gaming is gaming, the platform is only a means of enjoying it. Unlike Lord of the Rings, there is no one platform to rule them all.

        ... except Atari!

          Which one? The one we know now or the one that eventually drove the game market into the ground in 1983?

        Its simple experience... Some like some dis-like... Based on the reviews i have read and games I’ve played, Mac's just can’t handle some games compared to their PC equivalent (I’m referring to most of the Valve games as that’s the limit to my hands on experience tho) but I have also seen posts comparing the PC and Mac SC2 and it’s a 50/50 split between your Mac fans and your Windows Fans with your people who actually look at the facts not the OS.

        Also this isnt a PC vs Console topic so i was not referring to any console stabbing here... Being a console supporter my self (Mainly 360) I think consoles have a great spot in the gaming future… SO if a troll tried to support the anti console market, I’m sorry but I’m in full favour of them…

          Sorry about that Brent - I too support all platforms. I'm crazy enough to have a PS3, 360, Wii, PC and now a Mac.

          Though not all at once - I'm not that rich! I also try to find good bundles and deals, especially how I live in Australia and do anything to avoid that unjusitifed Australia Tax.

            I just thought I would clear it up so i dont look like a 1 post troller like many do :P

            Dont we all try to avoid them pesky tax's *Hugs US Steam Account*

        Mac hardly stands as an "equal ruler" when it can only run 1/10 of every new game released...

          Not so much Apple's fault as it is just the way things are though. Windows, through a combination of factors, had the most games made for it, to the point where they appear to not work on Mac since macs lack the same software and hardware support game devs are used to. Something I as a mac user have to live with (of course, I just go to portingteam and run windows games through wine anyway).

    The writing is on the wall for Apple. First Steve Jobs, now LoL.

    They had a good run.


        Well in the mobile market they've been on an increasing decline in terms of marketshare. You can only sell shiny crap for so long before people realise it's just that and nothing more.

    Who needs LoL when you got HoN

    I thought people with Macs just used Boot Camp. Gets around the whole issue of "OMG, I bought the wrong computer".

      bootcamp is far from perfect - it often has weird driver issues, and never utilizes the hardware to it's fullest, leading to choppy framerates and poor performance

    It's a bit sad as I have a few friends that are mac gamers, but I think an anti-mac trend is happening these days anyway.

    Sure, valve upped the ante by making a lot of their games mac friendly, but the support for the platform still isn't as good as it should be. It's just too complicated.

    My best friend who has been a die-hard macfag for her entire life recently slapped together a $400 gaming PC, just so she could catch up on all the fantastic releases she has missed out on.

    TL;DR, bootcamp isn't cutting it anymore and mac gaming is slowly being phased out in favor of iPhone gaming

      Well Apple could keep up if their price/performance ratio wasn't shite.

      Steven, seriously. Enought with your prices.

      You *CANNOT* build a compentent gaming PC for under $1500 AUD. And that is without a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

      If $400 is the price you are quoting then seriously state your currency as Australia has a thick layering of tax ontop.

      Unless this your price is that from the states or is the cost of importing the parts directly from where they were made the figure is not accurate.

      Seriously, a proper graphics card costs *AT LEAST* $200. Anything lower is just so one has the right to say one owns a card.

        He's exagerrating and I'm sure he's referring just to a case. But you can build one HELL of a beefy PC with $700-800. If you're upgrading the essentials, $400 is very doable.

        Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 Motherboard $149.00
        Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 $75.00
        Intel Core i5 2500 $209.00
        Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB Golden Sample $249.00
        Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1002FAEX $89.00
        CoolerMaster CM Storm Scout $99.00
        CoolerMaster GX 650W PSU $99.00
        Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with SP1 OEM $105.00

        Total: $1074

        I can build it cheaper if you like...

        Bogos numbers were undoubtedly low, but yours are equally as over blown.

          OK, I put my hands up here.

          My price is higher because I prefer faster CPUs like Core 2 Quads or i7s (and no less) and also retail copies of Windows (mainly because I yet to meet someone who has not installed the OS less than twice on the same hardware).

          I also say a gaming PC needs at least Raid 1 storage for reliability and read speed.

          But a Google search varifies the price ranges here so I admit, I had it wrong.

            Actually OEM is not as restrictive as people think and getting a new key from microsoft at no cost is easy as piss if you really need it, my OEM Win7 Ultimate 64bit has seen 3 installs without issue.

            As for reliability and read speed for gaming, stock 7200rpm HDD are more than fine.

            Also for gaming i5 > i7.

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