Leaked Diablo III Footage And Screens Show Menus, Characters

Over the weekend, website Force Strategy Gaming claimed to have gotten hold of some leaked screenshots and, more importantly, footage from the upcoming Diablo III beta.

The gameplay won't have much of interest unless you're a die-hard Diablo fan. Of more general interest — or maybe, as a menu fetishist, this is just me — is the game's front end.

While the normal rumour disclaimers apply (could be fake, blah blah), this footage and its accompanying screens look pretty good! It's got the same slick feel to it as StarCraft II (no surprises there), managing to combine something pretty with something that needs a lot of clicking through, a rare feat in game design.

We've contacted Blizzard for confirmation on the media's authenticity, and will update if we hear back.

Diablo 3 - Leaked Beta Video and Screens [FSG @ YouTube]


    You are about 3 days late on this story.

    Well I do certainly hope that those shots had all graphics set to the lowest possible because that looked like crap.

    Stop being such a graphics whore.

      Well when it hardly looks better than Torchlight and has 3 times the asking price, not really much of a choice in the matter.

        I can still go back and play Diablo 2 and it's graphics don't outweigh the outright amazing gameplay.

          Man, xVOid, have you tried boosting D2's resolution using the hack?

          Looks so awesome.

          It's also broken, and you have to sit right up on your monitor to tell what's going on, but still. And the enemies just stand there, as you attack them because they're "off-screen" but it does show the beauty of good sprite work.

          Of course not but that was released in 2000 and thus one also takes the graphics with a grain of salt because of that. Plus Torchlight offers the same awesome gameplay and again, far cheaper with no pointless DRM or cash auction house.

            you keep telling yourself that. torchlight is good, but it's always just gonna be a poor man's Diablo.

            Diablo forever!

              A poor man's Diablo, eh? Well, if the poor man version has LAN, Offline Play, No DRM, Mods, and no real money-driven Auction House, I'll take it over the rich man's version any day of the week.

                Or you could just play both Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3.
                I don't see why people just can't enjoy both games, Torchlight 2 will be amazing and when it comes to Blizzard, they always make amazing games so you know Diablo 3 will be amazing.

              In the case of Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile vs Grimdawn vs Torchlight 2

              Diablo 3 is the most inferior copy.

                Clearly your all idiots, if you see the video cast from DiabloFans.com you will see that they said it was at very low res and graphics. D3 will look awesome. If your gonna whinge about it go play another game kids.

                  "Clearly your all idiots"


    Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So FSG changed their minds? I remember on the diablo3 subreddit he instantly said they were fake.

    "and keep owning"


    @Chazz, How long did Torchlight take to complete moron? TL2 will be over in no time. Once D3 comes out, everyone will forget about TL2. $20 for a game, i'm sure it will last a long time............ Idiot!

      Since when did the length of the first game in a series determine the length of the sequel? Also what does the price have to do with the length of a game?

        Since always! Price always matters. $20 = short game and boring. D3 will dom it! SOOOIYA KID!

          Well one playthrough of Diablo 2 is only about 10-20 hours depending and Torchlight 1 talks about 10-15 so...

            Sif you could ever afford to play D2, since you were crying about paying $60 for D3. I think you're just a poor kid on his rags.

              The troll finally reveals his true face. Shame the smell of troll gave you away a while ago.

                REALLY..........? Gave me kicks to see how retarded you are to even follow up on it. SMART KID!

    Sure is a shame Blizzard decided not to make any sequels to Diablo or Starcraft. Let me know if they ever do that, I loved D2 and SC LAN with my wife, sequel's sure to have awesome LAN play too.

      What? Like Diablo - Hellfire and Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction, Starcraft - Brood Wars... Yeah no sequels... DAMN THEM!

        I think you have mistaken expansion packs for sequels. Easy mistake to make. Especially for a person who struggles with "your" and "you're".

          LOL. Sif you would bother after you have already lost kid. :P


              Rofl such a bad loser, go play your Torchlight 2 for your one day and cry to your mummy to dish out the $60 to get D3 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUMMY

                You sound mad, bro.

    .orb ,dam dnuos ouY

    Nah I'm way to awesome :D:D

    Come at me bro!

      Isn't your time in the school's computer room up yet?

        You both sound like faggots. Let's all be gay together.

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