Let Us Show You Gears Of War 3's Silliest Easter Egg

Gears of War 3 is full of surprises. The game has multiple easter eggs and hidden secrets, but now we are bringing you the most ridiculous of the bunch in an easy-to-follow video. Watch our guide to see Cole's innocent moment of joy amidst the carnage. Have fun!


    Did we really need a 2 minute video just to see one?

      If somebody wished to replicate the easter egg then yes, yes they would need a 2 minute video.


        lol at calling me a troll.

        I saw a 10 second video yesterday of this same easter egg, it showed me everything I needed to know. I already knew where the playground was (there's only one in the game) and it showed me that this easter egg existed. I could have found it myself if I actually walked over to the slide and the button input came up.

        Now this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLRq9CbGzHM
        This, does needed the time to show off the easter egg. It's rather complicated and most people would miss it, even if they were looking for it. It showed me the many different steps of how to do it, and where I needed to do it.

        Are you dense? You press X at the only slide in the game. You don't need to see the entire beginning of the game. I think YOU are the troll.

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