Let's Compare Battlefield 3 On PS3, Xbox 360 And PC

You can play Battlefield 3 on a number of beastly machines. Surely, it looks best on PC (no surprise), but how about we let YouTube user Robbaz compare the game on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC? Go for it, Robbaz.


    I reckon they all look pretty sweet.
    Looking forward to getting into it

      Lets hope this post sets the tone for future discussions. Thanks.

      Totally expected "OMG da ps3 vershun is da sickest Eva, xbox players are loozerz

        Kotaku is pretty decent with console/pc/fanboy arguments in general I think. It's mainly reddit/youtube where you see this kind of crap.

      Pretty sure everyone is winner here.

        Just like the Special Olympics, hey? We're all winners! YAAAAYYYY!!!

          Even as winners are we still retarded?

      Agreed, cant wait.
      I really had shooter fatigue at the start of the year but now I am kinda hanging for a good new shooter.

    Show me a $300 PC that can run it at half the visual quality of the PS3/360 and I'll be shocked.
    Otherwise this is just a apples VS oranges debacle.

      Where can I get a straight up $300 console from?
      I want to play the whole game, now there's "live" expenses, headsets and other cables and whatnot.

      I'd buy a 2nd hand one though.

    I downloaded it on ps3 and 360, played a few games on each, both looked great. Xbox was by far the more stable system. Maybe there were just more people trying to get on ps3.

    IMHO they all look the same, but its just a Beta test so hey. I was playing on my friends Xbox during the CLOSED beta and it was lagging sooo incredibly much. We keeped getting kicked, joining, kicked, joining, kicked etc.

    Later yesterday I downloaded the open beta on my PS3 and it was running very smooth. I think there is no difference between the versions, rather what server you join.

      Yeah, the differences are rather subtle in these shots, but IMO the PC versions like slightly more alive, where's as the consoles look slightly synthetic. But still it looks awesome for such old hardware :)

        As good as it looks on all platforms if you can only see subtle differences i think you need an eye exam mate..

        The differences between the 360 and PS3 shots year fair enough subtle, but the PC shots are a big high def slap in the face type of difference and nothing subtle about it.

        have to admit the water effects look nicer on the xbox than the PS3, but the PS3 trees look nicer.

    As long as it plays well and the destruction physics work fine I'll be happy with the console version's appearance.



    ps3 and xbox look different in the same way all games do compared on the two consoles, and PC looks better with the potential for maximum awesomeness, i just wish i was better with the controller sticks, or that my PC could run this game :(

    Maybe it's Youtube, but I had a pretty hard time telling any difference. Obvs it's going to look better on a high-end PC, but for mid-rangers we often end up turning down a lot of effects in order to get the most smoothly-running game (since that's generally more important in terms of not-dying), and I know it's heresy, but you tend to stop noticing the amazing graphics after the first few hours and it really becomes all about the gameplay- as long as it's good on Xbox or PC, the gfx issue will fade into the background for me.

    Anyway, I'm super-excited about the game!

    Oh, and that music! SO evocative for me- I have such great memories of BF1942 with friends.

    I found the PS3 beta to be as buggy as shit. I was REALLY disappointed - like far more buggy than BC2.

    Problems I encountered:
    - Sometimes I couldn't reload my weapon
    - Sometime I couldn't look down the sites of my weapon
    - Sometimes I couldn't change weapons
    - Managed to pass through a solid concrete wall down in the Metro
    - Joined as a 4 player squad, got split up in half so that two players were in a squad with 2 other people
    - Couldn't join friends playing
    - Couldn't invite friends playing
    - Quit out of a game only to have it hang at the loading screen, had to quit out back to the PS3 dashboard
    - The whole interface is a bit dicky, using the d-pad and then the R1/L1 buttons to change load out/class is too confusing
    - It only shows squad members who are alive in the menu, not who is dead/alive
    - There is no way to edit your classes/load outs outside of a game, this is just plain shit.

    Over all, it might play well but it's buggy, the interface is dicky and it gets a thumbs down from me. I love BC2, but I'm not convinced that BF3 is better and worth the money. With a month to go, I can't see them resolving any of this stuff. Way to take a backwards step!

      Honestly man, this amount of bugs are to be expected in a beta test.

      Do you really expect them to release the final version with this many bugs?
      This is what the beta is for, and giving people a taste of the game.

    Xbox player here, really hoping the code they have released is wayyyyyy behind their release code

    Falling through the map and having to suicide is not fun
    Graphically glitches aside it's okay to murky I'm hoping it's because they have had to drop the Rez and scale back a bit for consoles, how so you ask?
    Xbox file size is 1.3 gig if what I have heard is right the pc version is just under 4 ? The size drop has to come from somewhere
    That's what I'm hoping anyway don't think I could take another brink level of disappointment :(

    Sorry just to clarify that i hope the Rez drop is just to conserve file size for the beta and full release will be a bit cleaner

    Ah PS3 gets one over on the X.

      Don't really see how?
      the differences in the video looked like maybe contrast? The size of the beta was the same for both consoles.
      Pc owns both really and no surprises there..

      After playing it a bit more it has some nice moments in the park and in the city after the subway, but the subway section is just a murky mess really on my tv (55inch led set to game mode) could be its just magnifying whats looking "off" about it.
      Im sure bad company looked a crisper than that?

    Been playing it for about a day and it's pretty fun. I've got some strategies I like to use. When you are defending in the park there is a little island you can swim out to. Pop a mobile spawn point on there and sniper the attacking forces. When attacking try and discretely place a spawn point as close as you can to your objective. Then switch to a class better for close combat.

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