Let's Take A Walk Through Deus Ex's Missing Link

Due out in October, the Missing Link downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution sees players navigating an augmentation-stripped Adam Jensen through a mysterious freighter. Here's lead narrative designer Mary DeMarle to show us how that works.

Man, Jensen does not look good as this demonstration starts up. It turns out removing augmentations is more than just turning them off. There's plenty of blood involved as well. I'm just surprised he still has his arms. I would pay any amount of money for downloadable content that had Jensen fighting with only his teeth. Oh well, maybe next game.


    Ha! I just finished deus ex last night with a massive stockpile of weapons left over! looks like I'm gonna get a chance to use them.

      From what I've heard, the DLC is standalone, and you start the game with nothing!

    please god no boss fights.

    Please, please god, give us a 'toggle sunglasses' option. Please. Please.

    It's either going to be the worst case of crap story writing this side of a Twilight book or they're going to retcon stuff.

    He hops in the pod with all his gear and weaponry and augs (and clothing) and then arrives at his destination in the exact same state and mentions NOTHING of it or even hints at it when Pritchard gets in contact with him?

    100% expect to see metal gear solid 2 reference. will be disappoint if there's nothing.

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