Liberty City Becomes Beautiful New York City In Stunning GTA Mod

Impressive Grand Theft Auto IV mods are nothing new, but this one — which turns the fictional Liberty City into a very real, very beautiful New York City — is really impressive.

OK, so here's what it does: First up, it replaces advertising and store signs with ones you'd actually find in the Big Apple. But it also greatly improves the game's visuals in just about every respect.

The mod's creator, Gionight, says that it's "just a beast visually" and yet doesn't "eat much resources at the same time".

If you've got GTAIV on PC, you can download it from the link below.

Gionights's Best ENB Final [GTA-MODS, via Edge]


    meanwhile my ps3 version sits on my shelf, long-finished... and people say PC gaming is going to die

    Not bad, looks like an upgraded version of Driver's New York, which is a good thing.
    Looks like it makes IV playable finally.

    O_O ummmm just me, or is this first person?

      Yeah, there's a mod/tweak that lets you play in first-person mode. Apparently it adds a whole new spin to the game.

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