Logitech PS3 Guitar Controller Slashed By $461

Logitech PS3 Guitar Controller Slashed By $461
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We know that music and rhythm games aren’t in vogue anymore, but we didn’t know that the peripherals for them would get so heavily discounted. Here’s a bargain for you if you get in while stocks last.

The Logitech Shop are currently selling the Logitech WL Guitar Controller (PS3) for $39. This is down from the RRP of $499.95. This is probably one of the biggest sales we’ve seen in a while and, despite the declining popularity in games like Guitar Hero and Rockband, we suspect that there will still be people keen on snapping one of these for cheap.

Do you still play music games? Would you consider buying more peripherals like the guitar above? Let us know!


  • These things are awesome. Shame that the 360 version is both horribly orange and horribly unavailable.

    I haven’t played RB3 at home in a long time simply because I don’t have a working guitar and it is impossible to get one that isn’t part of a bundle with a game I already own.

    Still, us Briswegian folk have been known to play the odd rhythm game when we gather.

  • I bought one of these about six months ago for $60 (new, from an on-line stop). It’s a great controller, but I don’t think many people would pay the original asking price for these.

    Interesting that even Logitech have given up asking $500 for them.

  • Stopped bothering, the amount of time I spent playing I could learn ACTUAL guitar. Thats where I draw the line, more advanced isnt more fun.

  • They’ve been selling them massively discounted for aaaages.
    Well worth it if you still play any of the games. I could have sworn the RRP used to be $399 tho.

  • What makes this worth $500 to begin with?

    I paid less than that for the RB3 Squier Stratocaster (the one that’s also an actual electric guitar).

  • Would totally get one if it was for the 360, but as Karachi said, it cost alot less to get the RB3 Squier, and it’s awesome. (although I suck at it so far :P)

  • I got one before they went out of stock about 3 months ago, its very good quality. Feels like the real thing. Got the drums and some other stuff as well, $400 off the harmony 1100i too. Some good savings on that logitech shop and free postage is always nice.

  • These have been on sale for ages, they must have had stacks. Looks like it took a news article from kotaku to move them… Finally! I don’t get it, kotaku never did articles like these until recently

  • This has been on sale on logitech shop @ $40 for months now.

    I bought it a couple of years ago for $80, and love it. Don’t really use it much anymore thought…

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