Look At All This Great Hair. Great, Fake Hair.

Cosplay isn't only about great costumes. It's about hair, amazing hair. The more amazing the hair, the better.

Osaka's Lovepop Studio specialises in cosplay wigs. It's a wig wonderland. The shop also sells various cosplay accessories, and there's even a studio on site that includes backdrops, a sofa and a bed.

There are other geek-friendly hair and wig salons in Japan, such as Fuwat in Akihabara.

Cosplay Wigs [DannyChoo]

Top photo: Danny Choo/Culture Japan


    I generally don't complain about the articles posted on kotaku, whether they are short US based ones or those that are unrelated to games. However this is a post about a shop that caters to cosplay that exists in Japan. Not exactly useful information for anyone oustide of Japan.

    Is this an ad?

    Subtle...very subtle.

    There's this thing called importing.

    I don't mind articles like this. It's still gaming related imo.

    Or maybe I'm just not about to speak poorly of anything that encourages more girls with blue or green hair.

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