LunchTimeWaster: Learn 2 Fly

I think I finally understand how it feels to be a flightless bird trying to fly: frustrated, annoyed, and ready to throw myself into my desktop monitor. Perhaps Learn 2 Fly will be the game that makes all humans empathise with penguins.

Waking up in hospital, you're a penguin who has bumped your head on a polar ice cap whilst trying to fly. How embarrassing. But rather give up and resign yourself to a fate of waddling, you persist in your quest to fly. Leaping off cliffs and glaciers you use the left and right arrow keys to angle your penguin to keep him in the air for as long as possible. My attempts have been pretty pathetic — the poor blob of a bird keeps going "plomp" onto the ground moments after taking off. Maybe you will have more luck keeping this penguin in the air longer than I can. And if you don't, try not to punch your monitor in as I have almost done. Twice.


    It should be you're a penguin that woke up in the hospital with amnesia and aren't aware you're a flightless bird.

    Love this game. Definitely one of the more fun flying games.

    Had nothing better to do during class last week so I went and finished it, fun game :P

    Great game, spent the whole time waiting for a friend to finish their exam and played this :D

    Played this months back, but VERY worthy of news spot on Kotaku!
    (Oh and be aware there's more than one ending, so keep playing!)


    It is a VERY BADLY HANDLED port.

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