LunchTimeWaster: Pale

The Frenchies over at One Life Remains are no strangers to LunchTimeWaster, having been featured here in the past for their bizarre Pac-Man eating Pac-Man game. They're back again, this time with a light-dropping puzzler, Pale.

Pale is a first-person puzzler where you have to navigate a maze to capture a number of diamonds. But it's not just a maze you have to navigate — your environment is pitch black and you must light it using a limited number of light orbs that you have in your possession — use up all your light and you'll be looking for those diamonds in the dark. We stupidly used up all our light right at the beginning and spent the rest of the game running into what we thought were walls, although we don't actually know because it was completely dark. So the hot tip here is to use your light wisely.

Also, for some reason the WASD controls weren't working for us, so we tried a few different keys on our keyboard and they worked fine... although it may have had something to do with the fact that we recently spilled tea all over our desks. And by that, we mean that Tracey spilled tea on her desk. And given that Tracey is the one who is writing this post, she does not know why she is referring to herself in the third person.

[One Life Remains]


    then houln't you be typing like thi?

      The keys work, just not for this game! My "x" key works as the "w" key. Yeeeeeah.

    Sounds like an interesting game. Shame that it uses Unity Web Player, which isn't Linux compatible. Maybe I'll try it out one day, when I boot up my windows machine.

    I don't think the tea is what's causing the issue. The WASD keys are playing up for me as well. They work until I stop moving and then I have to reload to get them working again.

    hmm, shame bouts these people using random web accelerators. My work network blocks that sorta thing.

    How/why on earth did you spill tea on your desk? I must hear this story :P

      I wave my arms around furiously when I work.

    "Unity Web Player" required??

    This is supposed to be for people at work to waste time right..? Think about it.. it's a corporate computer running WinXP Pro with IE8 and minimal Flash capability and no ability to install other addons etc.

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