Making Zelda A Little More Japanese

Despite being developed entirely by Japanese men and women, The Legend of Zelda has always had a more Western aesthetic. Something this wonderful fan art seeks to address.

French artist Gerwell has re-imagined some of the series' main characters for a fantasy project of his, and in this project, there are less belts, heavy leather and pouches, with more flowing robes and an overall increase in the Eastern influences on display.

I love the Zelda design. As Gerwell says in his description, he wanted "OFF with Zelda's pink dresses!", and seeing her in something more adult has her looking more, well, adult. And less like Princess Peach with pointy ears.

The Legend of Zelda ??? [DeviantArt, via 4CR]


    To be honest I disagree. Sure it was always based in some kind of western medieval universe but there was always blatantly obvious Japanese art influences throughout the game. A kimono wearing Ganondorf in WW for example.

      I agree, Zelda's look and design has always been
      "Western High Adventure/Middle Ages *by way of* Japanese design and visual sensibilities"

      There's always been some Anime in the look of Zelda. I've always hoped we'd see a full-fledged western take on Zelda. That series is so full of great opportunities for trying different ideas and designs, but Nintendo just keeps doing the same thing over and over with very few variations.

      Wind Waker was a great example of 'trying something new'... let's hope they don't just stop there.

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