Manhandling The Nintendo 3DS's New Second Slide Pad For The First Time

Okay, it's ugly. We know that, but how does it feel in the hand? Today at the Tokyo Game Show, I checked out the brand new second slide pad for the Nintendo 3DS.

The "3DS Kakuchou Slide Pad" or "3DS Expansion Slide Pad" is powered by a AA battery. It is surprisingly light in the hand. It's large and bulky looking, but it doesn't feel like it would be a drag to hold. But is it?

The add-on does feel reasonably solid. The backside, with numerous exposed holes for screws looks cheap.

The material is a light finish, and since I've been blogging all morning in a humid convention centre, my hands are on the sweaty side. Before I even touched it, I felt compelled to wipe my hands on the jean — as a courtesy. It's unfinished, so it could have been a bigger fingerprint monster, but make no mistake, this will pick up prints.

With all the nice materials third party peripheral makers use, a rubberised finished would have been preferable.

Using the second slide pad was easier and less awkward than I thought. It is not graceful, but seems serviceable. The response on the pad was the same as the original 3DS slide pad. If you like that, you'll like this. If you hate it, you'll hate this.

Looking at the screen, I did have the feeling that I was peering around a corner, because your hands are not perfectly positioned behind the screen.

As previously posted, there are three buttons. They are, R, ZR, and ZL. ZR and ZL ar the two trigger buttons. The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad has pistol type grips that were confortable to hold, and the ZL and ZR buttons work well. They are not clicky, and might be a bit too squishy for some, but I found them responsive.

Where things go wrong is the R button. I felt as though I had to reach up, going from the ZR button. The left side was worse, because it doesn't have an add on button. Rather, it uses the 3DS's left shoulder button. So I had to reach up and back.

All of these weakness should be sorted in the inevitable hardware revision.

Until then, the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad will be out on Dec. 10 for ¥1,500 (US$19).

(Top photo: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku)


    Perhaps they could sell the expansion if it did come with a chick.

    It now looks like a poor mans PSvita!

      Just with no good games.

        as opposed to the vita, which you cant get yet, and has no games?

    Yeah, would feel a bit strange being just a bit off center. I'd really have to try one out before I could make up my mind

    I'd like to manhandle her slide pad...

      Dude that's a guy!

        ....I'd like manhandle her slide pad:P

    It look's like some dodgy cheap handheld that youd find at the markets....

      Nah mate that's just the 3DS.

    After seeing this I am definately going to wait for the revised model.

    It looks dodgy. But I have to say it looks far better in real life then in the artist renderings.

    Damn she's cute...

    Rubberised material instead? Ew, hell no. That stuff feels awful.

      Couldn't agree more. After a while it just feels... dirty.

    So I'm betting winter next year for 3DS-Duo, where this is included by default.

    I'm still baffled by why it requires a battery, instead of having a battery expansion in it.

    19 bucks actually seems pretty reasonable, might be worth picking up

      So $40 in Australia

    Clicked this because of chick

    Wait. The top photo is of Brian Ashcraft?!

    Now I see why he still works for Kotaku...

      Cuz he dresses in drag and whores out Capcom's logo?

    From those photos the expansion doesn't look as bulky and as big as I thought.

    Have I missed how this actually connects (interfaces) with the 3DS, or has it not been reported yet?

    This is the most bizarre thing ever - almost a complete admission that the initial design was flawed.

    This thing is just too weird.

    I almost can't believe Nintendo is seriously doing it. What reality have I slipped into?

      Monster Hunter is the biggest game in Japan.
      It was made for the PS Vita which has 2 sticks.
      Nintendo want MH on their platform as well.
      So they gave their platform another stick.
      They are giving people who want to play MH an option to buy their machine. It's that simple.
      They are not short changing the people who already own a 3Ds by updating their console.
      You don't have to have it if you don't need it

        Just thought I'd point out that if Monster Hunter was made for the Vita, it would have already been announced for the Vita.

        And no, the Monster Hunter demo doesn't count as an announcement.

        Yes, it will likely come to Vita, but Tri G, and MH4 were not developed for the Vita.

    for a moment i thought it was the writers exposed gut in the first pick..

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