Manhandling The Sony Tablet And Explaining Its Fake Buttons

Sony's first new PlayStation tablet is going on sale later this month. To hold you over until then, how about some photos of the tablet and its clamshell cousin, in the flesh?

Website Game Watch Impress got up and close with both tablets: the tablet-looking Tablet S and the DS-looking Tablet P. Both are PlayStation certified. Note the PlayStation logos on the cases.

I always prefer photos like this over those Photoshopped product images.

Website Famitsu also has photos that explain the button layout for the Tablet P.

Tablet S will cost US$500. Tablet P, which will go on sale in November, currently does not have a price tag.

ソニー、タブレット端末9月17日より発売 [Game Watch]

ソニーファン待望のSony Tabletをお先に体験しちゃいました! [Famitsu]


    Just seems kinda weird to me... the clamshell one in particular... I get the 'no-buttons' on a tablet because you want it to do everything else people allegedly need tablets to do... but the clamshell one seems to be primarily 'play games' oriented and yet it has no buttons where it quite obviously should have them...

    I just don't know why a consumer would be expected to be interested in it

      Its designed to fit in a purse, and to be a good ereader from what I can gather. I think these pad's are largely useless, but to each his own.

      agreed. You need buttons ffs

    Even if you/I dont buy this tech, its good to see Sony actually taking some risks again on new products, they still need to get back their rep. from the PSone/PS2 days, as they aren't the coolest thing on the block these days...

    Great to see Sony getting out there and giving it a go, getting some of that old mojo back! Pity about the finish though, they look a little tacky in these pics. Would have been nice if the clamshell one had the same curve and finish of the latest ps3.

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