Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Don't Take Shit From Mechs Or Evil Space Robots

So I saw Mass Effect 3 the other day in Germany, and wasn't allowed to take pictures. No matter. Here are pictures of some of the stuff I saw, complete with giant MASS EFFECT 3 watermarks on them.

Just in case you forgot what game we were talking about here.

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    Manshep sucks! Stupid mark vanderloo

    Is that Liara in the second one?

    Yes, it is

    Liara! My favorite biotic is back!

    I don't appreciate the swearing in the title, keep it clean next time thankyou.

      Do you hear that? In the distance? wahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah. Yup, it's a wambulence, coming to drop off a tissue for your issue.

      Harden up princess.

      I agree with Ray actually. There's a time and a place for swears, even in journalism, but this is just gratuitous.

    The weapon held by the geth in the first picture looks like one of the guns from District 9...

      tis a flamethrower

      I think what you mean is that every weapon from District 9 looked exactly like it was taken straight out of Mass Effect ;-P

      Not that that's a bad thing

    The lack of FemShep is disturbing.

    Is it just me or do Shepards eyes look a bit odd in the one with Liara and Garrus. Like they are about to pop out of his head or something.

      He does look rather focused doesn't he? I suspect one of the plot twists in MS3 will be Shepard's obvious spacecoke addiction.

    Damnit Mordin - I'm going to have to play through Mass Effect 2 again, because there is no way in hell I'm playing this game without your INTJ comments.

    And tomorrow:

    "Here. Pictures. Look."

    Who knows, all them Asari look the same.

    She's the only character from the original squad that is guaranteed to have survived to #3, I hope now is her turn to bite the curb.

    That turian in the picture of Shepard and Liara isen't Garrus. The face markings aren't right.

    0.0 new turian!!

      The turian in the first shot is definately Garrus as he's wearing his signature visor.

      You're right about the second one though, dunno who that guy is. He kinda looks like Saren almost. o.O

        Oh wow I didn't even see Garrus next to Shepard in the first shot. I was just focused on the mystery turian in the second one.

    I can never see any official screenshots without thinking what generic video game character Shepard looks like. "I'm an attractive badass guy with a fixed expression and body armour". All the effort they put into ME, couldn't they have the balls to make a remotely interesting looking main character? (obviously you can change it yourself, but they set the tone with their default)

      Are you questioning the sexyness that is Mark Vanderloo?

        I'm questioning the idea that someone of Mark Vanderloo's objective sexyness is interesting casting!

      Mark Vanderloo is generic? F**k me dead, if that's what passes for average in the world today, then I'm f**ked, and probably going to be foreveralone... oh wait... That's right, I'm not. :P

        There is a big difference between the definitions of 'generic' and 'average', friend.

        generic [badass square-jawed flat-eyebrowed crooner-eyed hardened-exterior-with-heart-of-gold thirty year old space marine with very short hair because hair is annoying to render] and average [dude on the street] aren't the same thing, fortunately!

    I made Shepard better

    Ah yes "reapers"

    Is kinda what that Turian reminds of in that picture.

    As for broshep nothing wrong with it. Best looking broshep is the default everything else looks out of the place!

    Female I always change to my liking on the other hand!

    That can't be Garus, he has a face...

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