Mass Effect's Meanest Arse-Kicker Comes To Life

To help give their Mass Effect cosplay a little more professional edge, the team at Crabcat Industries commissioned master craftsman Neil Gambini to make this Garrus mask. It's terrifying. In an awesome way.

Not only did Gambini (who sculpted many of the monsters for the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios) get the vigilante's face right, he got the busted parts of his face right, leaving us with a mask that looks more like a fancy bust (or actual stuffed head) than something that's actually wearable.

The team at Crabcat are about as dedicated a bunch of cosplayers as you can get: to see more of their great stuff, check out this gallery of Dragon Age and Mass Effect costumes.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it... yeah.


    >Insert comment about calibrations
    >Get cookie

    Can my witty reply wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

    I think the first photo is flipped. Looked at it and went, scars are on the wrong side. Mass Effect tragic I know.

    Looks awesome. I would love a Garrus bust for my study. :P

      The same photo in full, flipped correct-ways is the second image after the text.

    Are Turians that much bigger than humans? The size of the skull makes me imagine a Krogan rogered a Turian and this is what came from it...

      Nope! Their heads are about the same size. Of course, this being a rather thick mask that needs to retain its shape, it's kinda huge and would suggest Turians must be 8 feet tall or something. It's not 1:1

        Yeah, I wonder if they'll use this as a model and then make a thinner/smaller mask to be worn, because as you said... if the cosplayer isn't 8 feet tall it's gonna look really out of whack.

    This just made my day. Adding glasses to it was funny. I could actually see the real Garrus wearing them in the game. (:p)

    Does anyone else think it's hot? Have I been playing too long?

      He's a chitinous man-mantis. However, if you stare at anything long enough it starts to look good. That's why people eat McDonalds.

      I think you're good. If you start thinking the Hanar are sexy and you might have a problem.

        That or just Japanese...

      I have a turian friend who thinks your hot, who knew

    Garrus looks great, all he needs is the eye-piece. Now I'd like to request a bust of Miranda's bottom and/or Samara's breasts to complete the collection.

    You can even throw in a bust of the infamous Mordin chin-rub to even it out for the ladies out there.

    AMAZING!!! O_O Love it.

    Wow Garrus, hittin' those Krispy kremes during diagnostics?

    I happen to think Hanar are sexy and I'm looking for some good Hanar on Asari action in ME3. Give it to me baby!

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