Mass Effect's XXXL Cosplay Comes With An XXXL Price Tag

It may not come with a pair of useless-in-space aviator sunglasses, but the official Mass Effect N7 Flight Suit does come with a five-pack patch kit.

Owe and it will set you back $US100.

Order now and you'll get the poly/cotton, zippered flight suit with the full colour patches by Halloween. The patches it comes with are the N7, SR2, Normandy, Alliance Military and Asari Girl.

Don't worry, it also comes in XL, XXL and XXXL.


    "Owe and it will set you back $US100."


      That's either a really subtle attempt at a pun, or a really bad typo.

        Through my incredible powers of deduction ( following the link ) I can say that price is indeed correct.

    "Hi I'm Commander Shepherd.. and I approve of this cheap marketing gimmic"

    It's not even from the game...

    The coat from DX:HR (which I've ordered, and is shipping next month) beats this any day of the week.

      It should, it costs US$189. Or if you want it shipped to Australia, 189 EUROS, which is highway robbery... unless you think 1 US Dollar = 1 Euro.

        Highway robbery? Possibly... but no more than the majority of superfluous gaming merch. All I know is it comes with the vest, looks pretty damn cool and is set to replace the "hobo-coat" I've been wearing for the last 3 years.

      Lol you mean the coat that looks nothing like the one in the game? Smart move!

      god i wanted that coat

    So it's a hospital janitors jump suit, dyed black, with sewn on badges. Riiiight.

    Still waiting for my Deus Ex trench to ship. So much shame! :p

      Me too! We should be friends and fight crime and government conspiracies and shit ;)

      You actually bought that despite it having only the most basic semblance of Jensen's coat in the game?

    wow... this looks like total crap... it's like tom cruise's character from top gun decided he really liked mass effect so he chucked some shitty patches onto his jump-suit

    I don't think I'd be tempted to buy this even if it was 20 bucks... what's the purpose of it?

    It represents nothing that has been in any of the games thus far. Plus the fact that Flight Suits aren't exactly something that one wears very often.

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