Massive Sales At Myer's Online Store

The Myer online store is currently have a special sale where you can pick up games and peripherals at massively discounted prices, like the above Guitar Hero bundle for just $30.

Our friends at Lifehacker AU pointed us to the direction of the Myer online store, which is having an enormous sale at the moment. Here are just some of the many deals you can grab:

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Bundle (Wii) - $30 Duke Nukem Forever (PS3) - $40 Nintendo Wii (black) with Mario Kart + 4 games - $199 LittleBigPlanet (PSP) - $10 Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS) - $30 Tekken 6 (PS3) - $29.97 PlayStation 3 (160GB) + 3 PS3 games - $349.00 The Sims 3 (Wii) - $20 Mafia II (360) - $23.95


    LitterBigPlanet? Must be a rubbish game.

      Because CLEARLY a game that has a low price means it's a rubbish game.
      +1 for your logic.

        (you mustn't have noticed the typo where it says 'Litter' instead of 'Little', hence the 'rubbish' pun, but don't worry I won't tell anyone!)

        He doesn't mean the game sucks because it's cheap, there's a spelling mistake because it's spelt LitterBigPlanet (notice the Litter), and he made a very clever pun. duh.

          I think you meant spelled. Spelt is spelled, 'Spelled' unless you mean spelt as in wheat in which case spelt is spelled 'Spelt'. Did you mean to spell spelt 'Spelled' or 'Spelt'?

        Are you guys serious! He made such an excellent pun!

          Haha, oh man. If you'll excuse me I'm going to throw myself out of the window. >_<

        I do not want to live on this planet anymore...

      LPB is great! I'm considering getting it even though I already have it on PS3.

    Typical Myer... the good stuff is over priced. Near new release games for 89.95? Are you kidding me?

    Yew! twilight princess $29

    A mate got Sims 3 on Wii for his sister on her birthday - they took it back to exchange for something else the next day.

    Sims 3 on Wii is so bad they could give it away, with a free Wii, and I still wouldn't want it.

    Got me a 3DS accessory pack for $5! Win!

    It's not just online guys. I work at Myer and we're pretty sure we're getting rid off the games section. Most games are on a permanent 40% off discount (I picked up Undead Nightmare for $20) and most newer releases are $89.

    Kinect for $99?! SOLD!Cheers for the heads up

    Not fair... had to be when my credit card was cancelled :( Still trying to figure out who managed to steal my credit details!

    Guitar Hero!... wait, for Wii.

    That's why it's stone-cold cheap.

      I bought it on ebay for ps3, new 65$ inc delivery

    Mm, some nice deals. Uncharted 2 was 6 bucks for about 30 mins, before the page went dead.

    Mario and Luigi bowser's inside story is absolutely awesome. So worth the price of entry

    Picked up Pokemon Black, Art Academy, Ratchet and Clank, and a 3DS case bundle yesterday.

    Definitely keeping my eyes on the website.

    The Kinect with Kinect Adventures is $99 for anyone interested.

    Sh!t, gonna have to pick up Mario & Luigi...

    Arse, I grabbed M&L for $46 with that 3-for-2 deal a couple of months back, figured I'd never see it that cheap anywhere here.

    Spent $82 on there today getting a bunch of things. Seemed to miss Pokemon, it wasn't on there by the time I looked.

    noticed that Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Galaxy 2 were $50 each. Nintendo first party games are never discounted to that price!

    Shattered that I don't see any discounted Pokemon Black/White ):

    1000 Nintendo Points for $10 people! Also Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Galaxy 2 for under $50

    Grabbed rhythm heaven ds for 10, pokemon black and white for 20 each, starfy for 30, and 2000 points for 20, awesome deals

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