Max Payne Coming To Mobile Devices

The original Max Payne is getting the HD treatment and will be coming to mobile devices later this spring.

The game will have the same features as its PC counterpart and receive support from the Rockstar Games Social Club. Rockstar did not specify if the game would be iOS or Android-specific, but the game will feature HD graphics, high-resolution textures and customisable controls. The game will be out near the end of spring in Australia.


    Nice. Would love to be able to play this on my HTC Desire HD.

    I don't know how "HD" and "mobile devices" go together...


      The iPhone 4, for example, has 640px vertical resolution, which is the same as what Halo 3 runs at.

      Some mobile devices have high definition screens. That's how "Mobile" and "HD" goes together =)

    Im hoping for a PSP version. Unless they make a lot of changes, I can't see it working on a touch based device so well.
    That said, I'll grab it on iOS if that's the best option.

    Hell yeah... i love the old Max Payne games, im not to sure about Max Payne 3 though.

    While I'm interested in this (my HTC sensation needs something to really test its high resolution) I'm not sure how well touch controls will work with this sort of game, especially after my time with WASD + mouse.

    My xperia play should run it well... Cant wait

    Windows Phone 7 or GTFO

      Gotta keep that 1% of the market happy ;)

    Love Max Payne, This would be awesome on my $99 touchpad when android is fully operational, mods would be awesome. Would like to be able to run kung fu 2.0 or matrix mod!!

      Then you can witness the power of your fully operational operating system!

    "The fanboys drooled as I watched them tweet. Their technological obsession blasting from rubber coated mobile devices, silently shooting across the room to the nearest wireless receiver, and into the digital abyss, emerging out the other end for another geek to marvel at no doubt.

    I was their monkey. And Rockstar had shot Remedy the Organ Grinder, replacing them swiftly."

      Some smartass had made a comment in the same prose as my own, daring to make me look stupid, to look cheap and noir-like.

      It was sadly close to home.

      But he didn't count on one thing.

      I had no clue what a tweet was besides a bird chirping.

    Will this one come with superfluous 'terrorist-gangbanger and vaguely-latin-GTA-hooker' posters and splash-screens? Aren't they afraid of reminding people what Max Payne *actually* is?

    Considering previous announcements regarding this mentioned a wired controller...

    ...and considering that the newly announced GameStop Android tablet will have a wired controller...

    This game will likely come out on said tablet.

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